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Is Xenical Effective weight loss?

According to medical experts and some patients or users of Xenical, the medicine has been proven effective and has shown to be relatively and significantly effective than changes in lifestyle alone when it comes to controlling weight in overweight adolescents. This study has been strongly backed up by the results of a new study in the 13th European Congress in Czech Republic. This is definitely a good news for doctors, parents and young people especially the teenagers struggling with obesity and overweight. Aside from the fact that obesity has been one of the major health issues of the youth today, this health condition has also wide variety of short and long term effects on their health. Some of the common risks include raised cholesterol, high blood pressure and Type 2 diabetes development. Additionally, obesity is also highly associated with mortality in earlier adulthood. It is considered as a global epidemic that usually developed in teenagers. So to address this problem, medical experts try to formulate medicine that can help the young generation who are suffering from obesity. One of the best and effective medicines they formulated is Xenical. To prove its effectiveness, medical experts conducted a study to test how Xenical will work on patient’s body. The study involved over 500 adolescents from 12 yo 16 years old. After one year, the results showed positive impacts. Generally, there is a significantly greater reduction in fat mass and greater decrees in waist circumference. Moreover, Xenical also significantly decreased BMI or body mass index with young people receiving lifestyle changes alone. The results have been very helpful in recommending this medicine.

Ultimately, Xenical has been one of the highly recommended medicine by doctors to their patients. With this, we can now address the global problem of obesity.