How to Search for Specific Information on the Internet

The internet is the world’s biggest library. With more than 108 million websites as of today, there is no other greater source of information than the great information super hi-way.

Searches on the internet are done through search engines. You type the information that you want to search and the search engines provide you with websites from all over the world with the information that you need.

While it is true that information is freely available on the internet, some people still do not get what they really want in their internet search. In order to get the best of the internet, you must know how to exactly get the information that you want. Moreover, you will find a bunch of sales leads as you look for certain products. You should never select anything that you find a little too much appealing. This is where you have to use your judgement and get the best possible deal on the product that you need. 

There are several ways that this can be done. Different search engines might have different protocols as to how to search for specific information but without a doubt, Google is the most popular of them all. The following tips might allow you to mine specific information on Google. Still, these same tips may prove useful on some other search engines such as Yahoo!, and MSN.

1.) Type the proper term

Some people do not get the proper results because they do not type a specific term. For example, if you are doing a search on palm trees do not just type “palm” because what you will get in the first few pages are the websites for the PALM company that sells palm powered PDAs and phones, or even yet, the palm of the hand. Instead, type “Palm Tree.” Be specific when you are trying to find specific information. Be as specific and as detailed as possible.

2.) Enclose in quotation marks for more exact searches

If you type “Biography of George Bush,” the search engine will return entries for Biography, George and Bush. But if you want the search engine to show only sites with the exact phrase then you enclose your search in parenthesis. Type ” “Biography of George Bush” ” You will get exactly that one, only sites with those exact phrases.

3.) Use + or – signs when doing your search

Some search engines ignore common words and single digits and single letters when giving you the result of the search. This is intended to make the search much faster. However, if the common word, single-digit or single letter is important to your search, you must add a + sign. For example, if you are looking for websites on how to get rich, normally you would type “How to get rich” But what appears in the search engines first are sites on “rich” and “get” the search engine sort of ignores the “how” It displays a “How to get rich” website but places it in ranking number 10. But if you placed “Get rich +how,” the same site places as number 1. Take note how the “+” sign was placed near the “how”

If the topic you want to search on has more than one meaning, using the “-” sign might be very helpful. For example, if you type “Big apple” you always get websites referring to New York for the first few pages. However, if you type “Big Apple -New York” then you get all other sites that have “Big Apple” without necessarily referring to New York City.

4.) Use a multiple search engine page is a very useful page that gives you the search result of Yahoo and Google side by side. You can really see the comparison between the two search giants. is another very useful multiple search engine websites. It compiles the search result of the best search engines. This refers to the searches of Google, Yahoo, MSN and Ask Jeeves.

5.) Use a specialized search engine

There are several search engines that offer “specialized” searches.