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What are the Reasons why ELO Boosting services are Considered Bad in LOL?

In the realm of the game of League of Legends, one of the heated arguments and debates is whether it is good or bad to use LOL ELO boosting service. If you are a fanatic player of LOL, you may have heard of this service before. But what does it really mean? In a simple explanation, ELO boosting service is the process of increasing the ranking, position or level of players account by allowing a booster, who is usually expert in playing LOL to use the account and boost its ranking. With such huge benefits, some players are against this service. But why do ELO boosting services bad?

ELO boosting may sound like a victimless crime in the League of Legends community but it has several and various bad effects not just on the game itself, but on the players as well. First, playing LOL and advancing on the rankings and position is not an easy thing. It usually takes commitment, hard work, sweat, tears and even buckets of blood for players to get a high ranking in LOL. Hence, ELO boosting services devalue the strong commitment of LOL players to earn their hard earned ranking in the world of League of Legends. Additionally, according to LOL itself, when one player advances in the ranking with the use of ELO boosting, relatively about 4 players are being affected and decreasing their position in the game. Thus, such set up doesn’t promote equality and fairness. This is the main reason why a lot of players are against elo boost in lol. Not only it compromises the concept and value of competitiveness but it also doesn’t uphold fairness. 

Generally, while ELO boosting services help some players to advance in the game, majority of the committed players will be negatively affected.