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How to Make a Wise Decision While Purchasing a Camping Tent

If you are new to camping and looking for a camping tent that would serve your purpose, you are at the right place. As there are numerous options available from various companies, you can be confused. However, if you know the basic features of a camping tent that you must need, it will be easier for you to make your decision.

The Size of a Tent

It is always better to get a tent little bigger than your requirements. It allows you to accommodate kids and pets, help people with claustrophobia, poor sleeping habit and overall provides some extra space to stay freely. If you are going alone, a smaller tent can work fine for you.


It is possible that the weather of your campsite isn’t as pleasant as expected. It is recommended to check the weather forecast beforehand, but nature is unpredictable. Hence, waterproof and fully covered tents are better to choose to handle any situation. Three-seasonal and four-seasonal tent with screen porch are available in the market and you should get the four-seasonal one to get the best help.

Height of the Peak

No matter where you are camping, you must consider the height of the peak of the tent. Cabin-style tents and dome-style tents are available for this purpose. Cabin-style peak is featured with vertical walls and dome-style tents have slanting walls which is ideal for stormy weather. Choose according to your needs.

Floor length of the Tent

Tent with a floor length of 90 inches will be ideal for all, tall people, kids and everyone else. It creates some extra space as well to make it airy.

The Other Factors

While purchasing a tent go through the below-mentioned details and ask a professional about it if any confusion occurs:

  • Tent door
  • Tent pole
  • Material
  • Rainfly
  • Ventilation
  • Interior pockets etc.

These are all the crucial things which will contribute to enhance your camping experience. Don’t forget to ensure these before purchasing the ‘temporary home’ for your campsite.