Increase Your Security By Using Hardware Bitcoin Wallets

If you are a bitcoin trader or miner, you surely have a bitcoin wallet. The majority of bitcoin users are using online bitcoin wallets such as Coinbase, or software wallets. However, they are not that secured and can be easily be compromised similar to other online accounts. If there is something that the Bitcoin Era ci ricordavano, it is to always keep your security at a high regard. After all, if you allow your bitcoin wallet to be hacked, all your hard work will be gone and it can be very hard to recover it, if not impossible. In this article, we will discuss how you can increase the protection over your bitcoin wallet by using a hardware wallet. Without further ado, let’s start:

  1. Choose a good hardware wallet

Hardware wallets might cost you 200 dollars or more, however they are more secure compared to online wallets. Given that they normally are not connected to the web, they are not susceptible to hackers. If you plan to stay in the Bitcoin industry for long, a hardware wallet is likely to be a lucrative investment decision.

For hardware bitcoin wallets, we recommend Trezor and Ledger. You can purchase them on the internet or at physical stores that offer pc products and components.

  1. Set up the security features of your bitcoin wallet

Once you have your hardware bitcoin wallet, configure it for the highest possible security to safeguard your Bitcoin account. Make use of two-factor authentication to protect your bitcoin account. When you initially sign in, a code would be delivered to you in a text message or email. You need to key in the code to gain access to your bitcoin account. This causes your account to be less susceptible to hacking attempts.