Get Over Your Ex Girlfriend and Get on With Your Life

Sometimes it can be fricking hard to get over your ex girlfriend. It doesn’t matter if she broke up with you or you broke up with her – the pain can be equally hard to live through.

  • There are tons reasons that it is so hard. To name a few…
  • You shared tons of happy and positive moments together.
  • Even negative moments are charged with attachment and emotion so you still have strong feelings.
  • You spent tons of time calling your girlfriend ‘yours’ so when you lose her she has the potential to be ‘his’.
  • You spent a lot of your free time together and suddenly you spend no time together.

It really doesn’t matter the reason. The point is that the break up with your girlfriend still hurts and you need to get past it in order to move on with your life.

Here are 10 ways to move on after a break up and start to get over your ex girlfriend.

Let Yourself Be Upset For a Short Time

So many times we try to suppress our actual feelings and that just ensures that we build up an ocean of feelings inside of us just waiting to get out. That’s why random moments of breaking down can be so quick to come! One of the biggest problems in the relationship is the sexual bonding. The boys can purchase Viagra for the effective sexual relations. The solving of the problems is excellent to have the desired results. The feelings of the partners will become excellent to get the best results. The building of the moments and getting back ex is simple. 

Instead of waiting for the dam of emotions to break all at once, let them out in an even flow of release. This way you will stop the build up and instead be releasing all of your emotions in healthy and quicker way.

Come to terms with the fact that the relationship is over.

Start envisioning your life without your ex girlfriend.

Scream and cry. Sit and mope. Lay in bed for a few days. Just don’t let this period go on for a long time. You are trying to release your feelings of anger, hurt, or sadness – you are not trying to become a guy who lives anger, hurt, or sadness.

Do not burn her stuff in a night of drunken rage!

Do not take a baseball bat to everything she held dear!

Instead gather up all of her stuff and send it back to your ex girlfriend. Not only will you feel better as a person for doing this but you will be getting rid of those pesky memories that won’t let you let go of the relationship.

Avoid Bad Mouthing Your Ex Girlfriend to Anyone Who Will Listen

You can vent to a close friend for a few days but don’t go telling your ex girlfriends best friend all the nasty things she said about her. And don’t talk about the way she did this or that in bed and how much you hated it.

Bad mouthing your ex will not only make you look like a jerk it will also stop you from moving on from your ex girlfriend. The more you talk about her the more you will think about her and the harder it will be to let go.

This is harder said than done nowadays with facebook and other social sites that contain pictures, updates, and daily happenings of your ex girlfriend.

You just have to delete her from your friend list and any contacts that you share, or avoid looking at her profile all together.

Every time you look at her picture or read something she says you will be strengthening the hold she has over you and be making it harder for you to move on from her.

Wondering why she wasn’t laughing like that with you – or why she looks so happy so soon after the breakup will only hinder your ability to get over her.

Looking at their new pictures will only make you long for what you had and remind you of your loss – over and over and over again. You have to cut those ties to be able to move on.

Get Your Army of Loving Support

Your friends, family, and even your acquaintances should be in your life at this point. They are going to help you get over your ex girlfriend faster than you could by yourself.

They will remind you that even though you lost your ex girlfriend from your life you still have a lot of love and happiness in your life right now and in your future

They offer you support when you need support and distractions from you mind when you need distractions. And you will need both of those things to help you get over your ex girlfriend and move on after the breakup.

This doesn`t mean that you have to move out of the country, but it does mean that you should stop doing the same things you did when you were with your ex girlfriend.

Don`t go to the same restaurant you went to every Tuesday.

Don`t go to the gym at the same time you used to go together.

Not only will you lessen your chance of running into her and dealing with those emotions but you will also keep your memories of your relationship around longer and it will make it more difficult to move on from the relationship.

Start a new routine in your daily life – you are starting a new life without her after all.

You may have shared a lot of the same interests with your ex girlfriend. You both enjoyed camping every chance you got. You both enjoyed taking cooking classes together. Whatever your shared interests were they were shared and therefore created a bond between the two of you.

It`s time to break out and find some things that interest you – and only you. They can be related to your physically, mentally, spiritually, or any other way you find interesting. Start becoming a new person by finding interests and hobbies to call your own.

Learn From Your Ex Girlfriend and the Relationship

Once you have some distance from the relationship you can look at it without desperate emotional eyes.

Take the time to understand the real reasons behind the breakup and use it to either better yourself in future relationships or to look for someone who doesn`t have the qualities you disliked about your ex girlfriend.

The point is that your ex girlfriend taught you a lot about your likes and dislikes in relationship and women and you get to move forward with that new information to create better relationships

Enjoy yourself! Laugh and feel good about your life and your future ahead.

Having a good time will have two positive effects. It will help you get over your ex girlfriend and it will remind you that life is more than thinking about your ex.

When you laugh you are living in the moment. Living in the moment creates an awareness of the now and not of the past – which is essential to fully getting over your ex girlfriend.

Laughter also produces feel good feelings inside of you that allow you to enjoy yourself and your life. It`s hard to feel negative, sad, angry, or any other negative emotions when you are laughing. And the great thing is that laughter can be an instant fix.

Work on Your New Self

Now that you are single and living your own life you have time to work on yourself and become a better person, man, and lover.

You also have a chance to build up your self confidence with women and relationship which will only help you in future relationships.

So many guys will get stuck in there sadness over their ex girlfriend that they forget that they now have a chance to make their future relationships better with their new awareness.

If you stay the same, and avoid working on yourself, then you will enter your next relationship exactly the same as you did with your ex girlfriend. The chances are that you will once again result in a breakup is pretty good if you have the same traits, issues, concerns, and relationship skills.