Game Review: Wacky Races: Crash & Dash

I’m going to save you and me some agony and review both versions of Wacky Races: Crash  amp; Dash in one review as there really is not much to this game and no way around the fact that it is not really worth getting.

Wacky Races was a great cartoon, if you remember it your either as old as I am or have a cartoon classics channel on cable, they even made a game for several of the systems a few years back that looked pretty good. Now we have a cartoon classic brought to the Wii and Nintendo DS that featured some classic cartoon mayhem from some of the best cartoon writers William Hanna and Joseph Barbera.

Crash  amp; Dash has a great premise and could have gone places but the little extra something that takes a game from ho hum to great is just missing. The entire game is based on the Wacky Races cartoon of a race between teams from the cartoon show with you playing as one of 10 possible racing teams. The eleventh team is the bad guys, Dick Dastardly and his faithful sidekick Muttley who will stop at nothing to win.

The cartoon graphics are done about as good as the originals with the brightly colored scheme and the audio is pretty decent with the usual cartoon like music and a few effects but the announcer is not that great. They did a decent job of getting someone that sounds enthusiastic about the game and he did do a good job but they could have given him a few more lines. The sayings will start to get old very quick and soon you will just turn down the volume and crank up the radio or put a CD in.

You simply use the Wii remote to steer but there is no speed control on the Wii system for your racing, seems like they wanted to keep the racers in a group. In the Nintendo DS game you use the stylus to point where you want to go with the speed supposedly controlled by how far away from your vehicle the aiming is. In both there really is no control over speed and you just simply avoid hitting other cars and objects to make it to the finish line first.

It would seem that winning is more of a subjective thing here as you really don’t have much skill involved with beating the others, it seems a lot more like luck. During the races you’re also hindered by the antics of Dick Dastardly as he tries to throw some wrench into the works and stop your racing. In the Wii system you can shake the remote to get ahead but it really doesn’t work all that well and for both systems the winning doesn’t seem to be all that much ion your favor.

A mini game will open up in all the races where you have to avoid more pitfalls to continue on with the race from the chief antagonist, Dick Dastardly. These usually involve just avoiding falling objects like boulders or flying things like mosquitoes that Dastardly has tossed your way. Both the mini games and the main races are not all that thrilling and getting to the front of the pack and staying there is not all that tough.

The Wii version of this game only differs from the Nintendo DS by a few things like the obvious controls and a few view changes but both games behave about as alike as you could get on the two different systems. I really found very little to applaud in both games and would be content to leave it at that except to say that why do they torment us with these games and put so little effort into completing them with some kind of real gaming.

Wacky Races: Crash  amp; Dash seems to be little more than a trip down memory lane for some of us and the gaming for both the Wii and Nintendo DS are just not all that great.

It is indeed a walk down memory lane as the wacky races bring back many childhood memories of some of your favorite cartoon characters like Dick Dastardly and Muttley with their cheating tactics to win the race, Penelope Pittstop and her compact pussycat, the converter car, etc. to name a few. Sadly, the time can never come back as today people are more interested in looking for situs judi poker online to pastime rather than the golden days of childhood.