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Boxing Safety and Health Problems

I did some boxing and coached boxers in the Navy. Our highlight achievements were invitations to appear on local TV to participate in some all-service bouts. I won’t confess how many years ago this was, but you can guess when I tell you the TV was black and white and broadcast was live from a downtown arena. When I bragged to friends to look for me during the bouts, all they saw of me was my rear end. The only TV camera at the bout was facing into the ring from behind our corner, and the operator was too lazy to move it between rounds, and it was focused on me as I worked on our team’s boxers.

I did Navy boxing aboard an aircraft carrier during the Korean War, and later, athletic coaching for three summers as a Naval Reserve CPO, volunteering for 90-day active duty assignments each summer while I was a college and grad student. Because you may have guessed the years involved by now, I’ve give you my statistics. As a middleweight boxer, I won 18 bouts and lost six, and fortunately for all concerned, none by knockout. With my Navy teams of summer sailors, we won 27 and lost 23. All right, I didn’t say we were good.

Not that I’m an expert on today’s boxing scene, especially when it now competes with all the violent combinations with judo, kick-boxing and those insane, bloody brawls called extreme fighting. There are basically two kinds of boxing, the seldom-seen-today style where the opponents try to score non-damaging hits on each other, similar to the way fencers do with their button-tipped swords. No one tries to hurt anyone, and the guy who scores the most legal hits wins. In most amateur fights, for safety’s sake, the boxers wear padded gear on their heads, groins, and fight with very heavily padded gloves.

The other form of boxing, virtually the only kind you see today, requires each opponent to beat the hell out of the other until one falls down unconscious, or they end in a draw or decision while the two bloody guys embrace. The pros don’t wear head guards, but do wear padded jocks and fight with much smaller gloves. In some of the more brutal variations of anything-goes-fights, the opponents wear small, partial gloves or none at all. This harks back to the bare-knuckle fights of 100 years ago, in the days of John L. Sullivan and James J. Corbett.

Today’s professional boxing is, allegedly for the safety of the contestants, tightly controlled by official state commissions. In non-profit boxing, there are also governing bodies within college and amateur associations.

Bouts are usually supervised by a panel of judges, and a qualified physician must be in attendance. The physician usually has total control throughout the bout, and can abruptly end a bout when he considers one of the boxers badly injured or can no longer defend himself for any other reason.

Professional and some amateur boxers have to meet strict pre-fight standards, including meeting weight division limits, undergo frequent health exams and comply with other requirements. Today, most boxers who show any signs of severe cuts, bone damages or other serious injuries in the ring, and with the ring doctor’s recommendation, are required to be taken to hospitals for thorough examinations, particularly if brain injury is suspected.

Despite all the safety issues on the books, two women boxers died of ring injuries in recent years: Stacy Young in 2003 and Becky Zerlentes in 2005. Beethavean Scottland lost a light heavyweight bout with George Khalid Jones in 2001 on the USS Intrepid. He was helpless when the bout was stopped in the 10th round. He never regained consciousness. Bobby Tomasello fought Steve Dotse to a draw in 2000, but after he left the ring, he went home, fell asleep and never woke up. Autopsies showed that the women and men had suffered severe head trauma over several years, and the accumulation of injury, rather than their final fights, was the cause of death.

There are still many injuries in both professional and amateur boxing, and several recorded deaths a year in various parts of the boxing world. I’m talking about legitimate, traditional boxing. I can’t even guess how many injuries and deaths are caused by the ever-more brutal ultimate or extreme fights that are becoming more popular every year. The damage of being punched in the head repeatedly may not cause immediate death, but the injuries frequently are factors in severe brain damage that years later have terrible results. The term punch drunk is no joke to boxers. One of the greatest of all time, Mohammed Ali, who was an expert at self defense, was almost totally physically handicapped by brain injuries before he reached age 50.

In conclusion, boxing is one of the few sports that requires not only practice of attack but of self defense as well due to it being too risky to try at home. Boxers are trained athletes and it takes months of practice for them to perfect their moves and punches and their practice is like 토토사이트.

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NFL Division Championship Weekend!

What a weekend. First let’s talk bout the Arizona at New Orleans. I must say that I was totally wrong on this one. I thought it was going to be a shootout going both ways where it ended up looking like Arizona left their guns at home, something Gilbert should have did. I have to give a big shout out to Reggie Bush cause he was off the chain with it yesterday. This is the Bush we have been waiting for since he got drafted. I don’t know if it will last but I most definitely know he has it in him. Back to the game, Brees was good, the receivers held it down on both teams, I feel that New Orleans did a better job getting pressure on the QB and they did a whole lot better on third down which is the one most lopsided stats in this game. New Orleans kept the chains moving until it was a touchdown.

Now on to Baltimore at Colts game. I had a feeling if Baltimore could not just run the ball down the Colts throat and just beat them up they would have big problems. They switched up and threw the ball more than I thought they would which I think they did to confuse the Colts but it didn’t really work to well due to the fact that they only got 3 points. The Colts won not to impressive, but they do what they do and that is win. I feel that they would be so unstoppable with a running game. I think they would have to run next week against the Jets and defensively they must be able to stop the run.

Next up Dallas at Minnesota. It’s funny if you look at the stats on this game without looking at the turnovers you would think that the stat sheet is full of typos. Dallas lost the turnover battle 3-0. All are charged to Romo but maybe it is not so much his fault because he was under immense pressure. Minnesota racked up 6 sacks and 10 QB hits. I feel good about them in the Super Bowl as long as Brett plays it safe (no INTs) and they bring it to Brees. They also did a good job tackling guys when the get the ball which is not talked about much but it is so important. Dallas I thought they did good and I know that sounds crazy, but without the TOs this could have been a totally different game.

Last but definitely not least New York at San Diego. Got to give the New York Jets D a lot of props they held San Diego down and force Rivers to lose the game with that INT deep in their territory. The Jets absolutely shut down the self-claimed best RB in the NFL and made them pass their 1 playoff life away. Rivers did good except for the 2 INTs. The Chargers D was looking good as far as keeping the potent running game of the Jets until the long breakaway run that pretty much iced it in my eyes. Sanchez didn’t have big numbers as expected but he did what he had to do as far as don’t lose it. His D will keep the other teams score low and the run game will do most of the work on offense and he will have a few safe plays to keep the game moving. The feel I got while watching the game was a Jets team determined not to make mistakes while waiting for the Chargers to make one which they did.

The championship is one of the most important occasions in the football world and is the time when aficionados from across different nations come together to celebrate from their respective countries as they get to watch their favorite players in action and remain glued to their television sets until the match is over. There are many people who aspire to become footballers in the future and the football index bonus code is one such place from football index that gives them a golden opportunity to try out their skills.

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Once Your Learn Swimming, You Can Never Unlearn It

There is a lot that you can do in order to stay in shape but one of the most effective ways to keep your body healthy and also enjoy yourself while you are doing so is to learn how to swim. It is always best to learn to swim when you are a child and in case you didn’t manage to do so then there is no harm in learning how to swim when you are older. It is one of the best ways to spend time with your family and also do something that will keep you healthy and active. If you want to learn swimming then you can enrol yourself in some of the best Swimming lessons North York has to offer so that you are able to enjoy the summers like no other.

While swimming is something that is a lot of fun it’s not the only reason you should learn how to swim. It is important for you to be able to swim so that you are able to burn as many calories as you can and you’re able to stay in shape without having to worry about exercising. Swimming is one of the most effective ways of exercising and when you swim on a regular basis not only do you burn a lot of fat but you also tone up your muscles which work well for your body.

There are a number of different kinds of activities that you can indulge in but swimming definitely happens to be one of the best because it is extremely effective and when you swim regularly not only do you get in shape a lot faster but you also enjoy yourself and you keep your muscles flexible. At the end of the day what really matters is that you enjoy yourself and you do something that is beneficial for your health. Apart from being able to help you burn calories it also helps you stay happy which is why it is one of the best activities to involve yourself.…

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