A Tip for Surviving Valentines’ Day: Have a Horror Movie Marathon

I know these ideas sound rather macabre, but when you have suffered through many bad valentines’ days as I have, you’d watch “My Bloody Valentine” as much as I do on every valentine’s day, you too may share the same opinion – and I do not mean the badly made remake that was recently released, there are just some movies that do not need to be remade and this was one of them.

My reasons for despising this holiday have little to do with romance, but when you have been fired on or around the holiday, I have to believe my dislike for this day is understood. No candy and flowers for pleasing and thank you, it wouldn’t help anyway since I am allergic to both flowers and chocolate, and did I forget to mention perfume?

You can call me a grump or a cynic, but I cannot help but love horror movies and if this is what I enjoy on such a romantic holiday, then please do not look poorly on me because I would rather watch “Poltergeist” than go out for a romantic, candlelight dinner with a gorgeous stranger that I hardly know. This automatically makes me remember the movie, “When a Stranger Calls” the movie where a babysitter is left alone with the children, and unfortunately a stranger does end up calling and eventually calls the young girl back, chillingly saying these words, “the call is coming from inside the house.”; now how is that for creepy?

Of course, horror movies aren’t the only things that can keep your company on a lonely Valentines’ Day, but action thrillers can do just as fine. Just grab a bucket of popcorn and open 123movies on your browser and watch your favorite movie. A personal favorite of mine is the “Death Wish” movies – all five of them, the first being preferred to follow by Death Wish 2. There is just something so maliciously chivalrous about a man who is willing to hunt down the person or persons responsible for raping his daughter and murdering his wife. He took the law into his own hands when he felt the law wasn’t doing enough to catch these malicious predators. Now I am not saying I approve if vigilantism, but “Death Wish” is one of my favorite movies to watch on Valentines’ Day.

I’m sure anyone who reads this article now believes I am crazy, but just wait and see what my last two choices of movies to wrap about my marathon viewing are, then you can say anything you wish, just as long as you keep in mind that I am a mystery/horror writer, and I’m always looking for something to watch while I am writing. Last night I was watching “The Hitcher,” and let me confess to you, at first I hated it, and I even told a friend mine, whom I went to see the movie with that I was not going to buy it on DVD, and fortunately, I changed my mind. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that my favorite actor is in it, and that would be Sean Bean. He played Boromir in “The Lord of the Rings” and 006 in “Goldeneye” opposite Peirce Brosnan. In my opinion, this is a great movie to entertain yourself with on Valentines’ Day. I never thought I would watch this movie over and over again, so this would certainly make it to my top ten on my horror movie marathon list.

So what is number one you may ask, “The House of Wax,” and not the remake with Paris Hilton, this also ranks on my list of movies that should never have been remade, and as I recall, the critics felt the same way. There is just something so spooky about this movie, especially the part of the movie where Vincent Price’s character is sneaking around the apartment building where his next intended victim lives; the dark shadows and the disguise he wore over his face reminded me of the “Phantom of the Opera,” too bad that didn’t make it on my list; there were just too many to decide between, and Valentines’ Day only lasts for twenty-four hours.


It should come as no surprise to anyone who knows me, but I’m not so much in love with Valentines’ Day. Flowers wilt and chocolate gets stale, but if one thing stands to be true, you never grow weary of your favorite movies. Whether they are horror, mysteries, thrillers or action, there is nothing wrong with sitting back on the couch and watching a good movie, and if it happens to be a scary ghost story, be sure to leave the lights on, you wouldn’t want this to be your last Valentines’ Day, would you?…

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Fun Games For Your Holiday Parties

In my family, it has been a tradition to play two different games at our annual Christmas Eve get-together. Both games are usually played by the adults however, the kids can play too. To throw the best casino parties in Texas may be a good idea, but we always prefer to celebrate holidays in a simple manner.

‘Win Lose or Draw’ (we invented a new way of playing this old favorite)

What you will need:

A white board about 2 ft by 3ft

An easel or something to hold the white board

Colored erasable markers (we use a package of 8 colors)

An eraser or paper towels

25 or more song titles written on little pieces of paper (we took songs out of our Christmas piano book)

A fish bowl or something to hold the song title slips

Snacks and goodies to eat

How to play:

Break up into two teams (If there a large group of 16 or more you might want to have two games going on and winners play next round)

Each team picks a person to draw first and then flip a coin to decide what team draws first.

Whoever is up to draw picks a Christmas song title paper out of the bowl.

That person must draw a picture to give clues to their team members so that they can guess the song title. If their team members can guess the song title correctly within the two minute time limit, that team will get two points. If they do not guess it correctly the other team has a chance to steal for one point.

We play until one team reaches 25 points but you can decide how long you want to go. We always buy a box of chocolates or something that the winning team gets to share. One year we all put five dollars in a pot and the winning team got to split the pot.

‘White Elephant gift Exchange’

This game can get kind of brutal, so be prepared. Each person that plays has to bring some sort of gift that is wrapped. We have gotten anything from movies that have been used, BBQ spices, crayons, and even a sponge Bob toilet seat one year. You can put a monetary limit on it if you choose to purchase a gift instead of using something around the house. We never spend any more than 10 dollars per person.

Everyone playing sits in a circle and puts all the gifts in the middle. You need to have slips with numbers on them that goes up to the number of players. Everyone picks a number slip out of a bowl. That determines what order you go in.

Player one opens up any gift they choose from the middle. Player two has the choice of stealing the gift player one opened or opening another gift from the middle. Player three can choose to steal any of the gifts opened or to open another one.

If your gift gets stolen, you cannot steal it back right away. You will have to open another gift or steal another player’s gift first and wait until that gift gets taken in order to steal back what you really wanted.

The game ends when the last gift is opened. You cannot trade or steal once that last gift is opened. When it is your turn you can steal any gift already opened from any player. If you are the last person you basically can decide what gift you want. Especially if you know what is in the last gift that has not been opened. This game can go on forever and can be really fun if you play with people that like to compete and steal from each other.

‘Treasure Hunt for the Children’

In our family we don’t have the children play the gift exchange. We purchase little gifts for each child in our family. We set it up like a treasure hunt where each child gets to pick a color out of a bowl and those are the clues they get to read and that is the gift they get at the end when they find the treasure. We have it set up to where all the clues lead them to some place in the house to find their next clue. We have done anywhere from 4 or 5 clues for ages 2-4 up to 15-20 clues for ages 10-12. We have also done team treasure hunts.

The point is for everyone, no matter how old they are, to get a gift on Christmas Eve. These are only ideas of what you can do. There is plenty of room to adjust things to the number of people in a group or the ages of the players.

I hope this helps make your holiday party a memorable one. No matter what you do, make sure to have fun!! Happy Holidays!!…

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How Do I Share a Flickr Album with a Friend?

If you enjoy social media websites, then Flickr is the place for you. From uploading photos to enhancing images, it is the perfect venue to connect with family and friends. The popular photo site offers several formats, including photo sharing and image management. You can adjust album settings for public or private display. This is determined by implementing settings and file controls. With its user-friendly interface, it provides a convenient way to cherish memories and create new ones. The group feature enables friends to share albums, videos, and even post messages at the discussion board. 

With over a million users, Flickr has grown by leaps and bounds. It is recognized as one of the top photographic communities in the world today. In addition to group access, you can also share photos by furnishing links. These are direct links to the images you’ve uploaded, and can be seen by the public or private visitors. The access level is again dependent on your privacy settings. You can allocate an album for public viewing if desired. If you only want a specific group to view them, then forwarding the album links will facilitate that. The ability to copyright your photos is also a huge benefit. This will counter unauthorized downloads and protect your images from distribution. 

You can find thousands of users who are hooked to flickr once they are exposed to it once they find its diverse features and edit their images the way they want. It is as similar as to get automatic instagram likes from friends and therefore its quite popular all over the world 

Flickr makes it easy to share all your albums. From weddings to vacations, it is a great forum to showcase your favorite photos. The service is also compatible with other social media outlets. With embedded links, photos can be shared and linked to Myspace and Twitter. This is another great option to link, connect, and network with friends or co-workers. Like Youtube, you can also add notes and annotations to your images. These can be in the form of dates, funny quotes, or even timelines. Your friends will be amazed as they relive those exciting and memorable moments. 

With so many sharing options, Flickr remains a highly sought after medium. There are new enhancements to the service, including slideshow and pattern options. You can now modify your photos with catchy captions, designs, and even music. From professional to novice photographers, Flickr is a great way to display your photographs. 

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Boxing Safety and Health Problems

I did some boxing and coached boxers in the Navy. Our highlight achievements were invitations to appear on local TV to participate in some all-service bouts. I won’t confess how many years ago this was, but you can guess when I tell you the TV was black and white and broadcast was live from a downtown arena. When I bragged to friends to look for me during the bouts, all they saw of me was my rear end. The only TV camera at the bout was facing into the ring from behind our corner, and the operator was too lazy to move it between rounds, and it was focused on me as I worked on our team’s boxers.

I did Navy boxing aboard an aircraft carrier during the Korean War, and later, athletic coaching for three summers as a Naval Reserve CPO, volunteering for 90-day active duty assignments each summer while I was a college and grad student. Because you may have guessed the years involved by now, I’ve give you my statistics. As a middleweight boxer, I won 18 bouts and lost six, and fortunately for all concerned, none by knockout. With my Navy teams of summer sailors, we won 27 and lost 23. All right, I didn’t say we were good.

Not that I’m an expert on today’s boxing scene, especially when it now competes with all the violent combinations with judo, kick-boxing and those insane, bloody brawls called extreme fighting. There are basically two kinds of boxing, the seldom-seen-today style where the opponents try to score non-damaging hits on each other, similar to the way fencers do with their button-tipped swords. No one tries to hurt anyone, and the guy who scores the most legal hits wins. In most amateur fights, for safety’s sake, the boxers wear padded gear on their heads, groins, and fight with very heavily padded gloves.

The other form of boxing, virtually the only kind you see today, requires each opponent to beat the hell out of the other until one falls down unconscious, or they end in a draw or decision while the two bloody guys embrace. The pros don’t wear head guards, but do wear padded jocks and fight with much smaller gloves. In some of the more brutal variations of anything-goes-fights, the opponents wear small, partial gloves or none at all. This harks back to the bare-knuckle fights of 100 years ago, in the days of John L. Sullivan and James J. Corbett.

Today’s professional boxing is, allegedly for the safety of the contestants, tightly controlled by official state commissions. In non-profit boxing, there are also governing bodies within college and amateur associations.

Bouts are usually supervised by a panel of judges, and a qualified physician must be in attendance. The physician usually has total control throughout the bout, and can abruptly end a bout when he considers one of the boxers badly injured or can no longer defend himself for any other reason.

Professional and some amateur boxers have to meet strict pre-fight standards, including meeting weight division limits, undergo frequent health exams and comply with other requirements. Today, most boxers who show any signs of severe cuts, bone damages or other serious injuries in the ring, and with the ring doctor’s recommendation, are required to be taken to hospitals for thorough examinations, particularly if brain injury is suspected.

Despite all the safety issues on the books, two women boxers died of ring injuries in recent years: Stacy Young in 2003 and Becky Zerlentes in 2005. Beethavean Scottland lost a light heavyweight bout with George Khalid Jones in 2001 on the USS Intrepid. He was helpless when the bout was stopped in the 10th round. He never regained consciousness. Bobby Tomasello fought Steve Dotse to a draw in 2000, but after he left the ring, he went home, fell asleep and never woke up. Autopsies showed that the women and men had suffered severe head trauma over several years, and the accumulation of injury, rather than their final fights, was the cause of death.

There are still many injuries in both professional and amateur boxing, and several recorded deaths a year in various parts of the boxing world. I’m talking about legitimate, traditional boxing. I can’t even guess how many injuries and deaths are caused by the ever-more brutal ultimate or extreme fights that are becoming more popular every year. The damage of being punched in the head repeatedly may not cause immediate death, but the injuries frequently are factors in severe brain damage that years later have terrible results. The term punch drunk is no joke to boxers. One of the greatest of all time, Mohammed Ali, who was an expert at self defense, was almost totally physically handicapped by brain injuries before he reached age 50.

In conclusion, boxing is one of the few sports that requires not only practice of attack but of self defense as well due to it being too risky to try at home. Boxers are trained athletes and it takes months of practice for them to perfect their moves and punches and their practice is like 토토사이트.

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Proper Guidance to Common Digestive Issues in Infants

Much like adults, newborn babies suffer from a wide variety of digestive issues. Unlike adults, these issues often stem from developmental phases affecting the child’s body or the parent’s actions or lack thereof during and after feedings.

The four most common digestive issues in infants include:


Causes of reflux in infants: Reflux is a back-up of liquid in an infant’s stomach. This is typically caused by a lack of rhythm in the stomach muscle’s patterns of movement, which may last for up to the first year of a child’s life.

Symptoms of reflux in infants: Infants suffering from reflux typically present with poor feeding habits, regular hiccups, congestion, and breathing issues.

Treatment of reflux in infants: If you suspect that your child is suffering from reflux, it is important to seek advice from a medical expert. Home treatment of reflux generally consists of excessive burping during feedings and keeping the child sitting up-right for extended periods after feedings.


Causes of vomiting in infants: While the most common cause of vomiting in infants is infection of a virus, excessive or chronic vomiting may be caused by an allergy or more serious digestive tract issue such as a deformity. The killing of the virus can be done through consumption of the megaprebiotic food supplement. The dosage to the infants should be under the supervision of the doctors. 

Symptoms of vomiting in infants: The symptoms of vomiting in infants include an inability to keep foods down.

Treatment of vomiting in infants: Home treatment of vomiting in infants consists of administering an electrolyte medication designed specifically for babies. Should the child be unable to hold down these medications, contacting a medical expert immediately is recommended.


Causes of diarrhea in infants: Typically caused by the infection of a virus, ongoing diarrhea in infants may also be caused by an allergy.

Symptoms of diarrhea in infants: Infants suffering from diarrhea present with loose or watery stools.

Treatment of diarrhea in infants: The only course of home treatment of diarrhea in babies is keeping the child hydrated, which can be done by administering an electrolyte medication designed specifically for babies. Should an infant experience diarrhea that last for more than three days, contacting a medical expert is the recommended course of action.


Causes of constipation in infants: Constipation in infants is generally caused by a change in diet, such as the introduction of grainy foods or highly fattening milks.

Symptoms of constipation in infants: The symptoms of constipation in infants include hard and dry stools or a lack of stools completely.

Treatment of constipation in infants: Home treatment of constipation in infants includes keeping the child hydrated, which can easily be done by administering an electrolyte medication designed specifically for babies, and reducing the levels of grainy foods and highly fattening milks in the child’s daily diet.

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How To Keep Your Family Organized During Home Construction Jobs

Keeping your family organized and comfortable during a construction project can certainly be a real challenge. There are however several things that you can do to keep your family organized. The first thing that you will want to do is remove any items from the area where the construction is going to be done. This will help to ensure that none of your items will get messed up during the construction process. If you have children you want to make sure that they stay completely out of this area. This will mean that you have to keep all of their toys out of the area as well. In addition to that, there are several construction recruitment agencies that offer you tips and options that you can choose in order to be organized during the time of construction. This way you do not lose any of your belongings as well.

This does not mean that you have to shove all of the items from that room into a closet or stack it in another room. If you have items that are small enough to fit into a storage bin than pack them into this, and place the bins in the bottom of a closet or even under your bed. Remember that you are just creating temporary storage space. You don’t however want to place any of these items where they will get into the way of anybody else’s.

For any clothing that may be in this area you will find it to be a good idea to keep them on the hangers and just lay them flat into a few storage bins. This will help to keep the items on the hangers, and out of the way. If you have furniture in the room that is too big to be moved around you can get some plastic and some tape and cover up these items. Make sure that when you cover it up there are no gaps or holes left anywhere. Leaving holes or gaps will only allow your items to get messed up. It will take a bit of advanced planning but it will definitely be worth it in the long run.

During the time that the construction is going on you will find that you have less space in your home to work with. If you keep every item in the space that you have designated for it, you will find it easier to cope. It is also very hard to avoid getting any type of mess into the rest of your house when there is construction going on. So plan on doing a bit of extra cleaning at the end of the day. If you clean the home once a day after the workers leave you will have no problem getting the home back in order after the construction is done. By just applying a few of these ideas and suggestions you will find it a lot easier once the construction is done to move all the items back.…

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Is Xenical Effective weight loss?

According to medical experts and some patients or users of Xenical, the medicine has been proven effective and has shown to be relatively and significantly effective than changes in lifestyle alone when it comes to controlling weight in overweight adolescents. This study has been strongly backed up by the results of a new study in the 13th European Congress in Czech Republic. This is definitely a good news for doctors, parents and young people especially the teenagers struggling with obesity and overweight. Aside from the fact that obesity has been one of the major health issues of the youth today, this health condition has also wide variety of short and long term effects on their health. Some of the common risks include raised cholesterol, high blood pressure and Type 2 diabetes development. Additionally, obesity is also highly associated with mortality in earlier adulthood. It is considered as a global epidemic that usually developed in teenagers. So to address this problem, medical experts try to formulate medicine that can help the young generation who are suffering from obesity. One of the best and effective medicines they formulated is Xenical. To prove its effectiveness, medical experts conducted a study to test how Xenical will work on patient’s body. The study involved over 500 adolescents from 12 yo 16 years old. After one year, the results showed positive impacts. Generally, there is a significantly greater reduction in fat mass and greater decrees in waist circumference. Moreover, Xenical also significantly decreased BMI or body mass index with young people receiving lifestyle changes alone. The results have been very helpful in recommending this medicine.

Ultimately, Xenical has been one of the highly recommended medicine by doctors to their patients. With this, we can now address the global problem of obesity.

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How Effective Are CBD Juul Pods?

People have recently been talking about CBD Juul Pods and the regular marijuana we are all familiar with. There has been a life-long debate about whether states should totally legalize marijuana. We know for a fact that this plant is deemed to be useful for most people who are suffering from illnesses such as depression, anxiety, and even chronic pain. However, it is because of the efficacy of this drug that a lot of people are drawn into.

If for instance, you are going through depression, it can be quite addicting to keep on taking the drug to make you feel better. But there’s a catch. Just like any other drug, marijuana can also lead to an overdose. For now, we have not heard of anyone dying due to marijuana overdose. However, we do know that you are bound to suffer a lot of side effects. In the long run, this can become a problem.

There are also cases when instead of looking to marijuana for healing, the individual becomes addicted to getting high. In that case, marijuana no longer remains to be a medicine for the person. Instead, it becomes an instrument for addiction.

But now we have CBD Juul Pods. What’s great about them is that they do not contain THC. This means that no matter what you do, you will never become addicted to it. The reason is that you won’t get high. The element that results to the feeling of getting high is lacking from this drug.

Meanwhile, the substance also comes with CBD which is an important ingredient in the medicinal factor of Marijuana.

Despite the popularity of CBD Juul Pods, there are people who asks whether or not this one is actually effective. Our answer to this is yes, they are effective.

We are quite fond of using marijuana for certain illnesses but the truth is that CBD is the only ingredient in Marijuana that can be used for healing. The other ingredient which is THC is typically for recreational purposes. As THC was removed in the form of CBD Juul Pods, the main purpose of the substance becomes solely for healing particular illnesses.

Doctors find that CBD actually has a huge potential for a lot of things in the medicine industry. If you yourself want to learn more about CBD, you can head over to…

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What are the Reasons why ELO Boosting services are Considered Bad in LOL?

In the realm of the game of League of Legends, one of the heated arguments and debates is whether it is good or bad to use LOL ELO boosting service. If you are a fanatic player of LOL, you may have heard of this service before. But what does it really mean? In a simple explanation, ELO boosting service is the process of increasing the ranking, position or level of players account by allowing a booster, who is usually expert in playing LOL to use the account and boost its ranking. With such huge benefits, some players are against this service. But why do ELO boosting services bad?

ELO boosting may sound like a victimless crime in the League of Legends community but it has several and various bad effects not just on the game itself, but on the players as well. First, playing LOL and advancing on the rankings and position is not an easy thing. It usually takes commitment, hard work, sweat, tears and even buckets of blood for players to get a high ranking in LOL. Hence, ELO boosting services devalue the strong commitment of LOL players to earn their hard earned ranking in the world of League of Legends. Additionally, according to LOL itself, when one player advances in the ranking with the use of ELO boosting, relatively about 4 players are being affected and decreasing their position in the game. Thus, such set up doesn’t promote equality and fairness. This is the main reason why a lot of players are against elo boost in lol. Not only it compromises the concept and value of competitiveness but it also doesn’t uphold fairness. 

Generally, while ELO boosting services help some players to advance in the game, majority of the committed players will be negatively affected.

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How to Make a Wise Decision While Purchasing a Camping Tent

If you are new to camping and looking for a camping tent that would serve your purpose, you are at the right place. As there are numerous options available from various companies, you can be confused. However, if you know the basic features of a camping tent that you must need, it will be easier for you to make your decision.

The Size of a Tent

It is always better to get a tent little bigger than your requirements. It allows you to accommodate kids and pets, help people with claustrophobia, poor sleeping habit and overall provides some extra space to stay freely. If you are going alone, a smaller tent can work fine for you.


It is possible that the weather of your campsite isn’t as pleasant as expected. It is recommended to check the weather forecast beforehand, but nature is unpredictable. Hence, waterproof and fully covered tents are better to choose to handle any situation. Three-seasonal and four-seasonal tent with screen porch are available in the market and you should get the four-seasonal one to get the best help.

Height of the Peak

No matter where you are camping, you must consider the height of the peak of the tent. Cabin-style tents and dome-style tents are available for this purpose. Cabin-style peak is featured with vertical walls and dome-style tents have slanting walls which is ideal for stormy weather. Choose according to your needs.

Floor length of the Tent

Tent with a floor length of 90 inches will be ideal for all, tall people, kids and everyone else. It creates some extra space as well to make it airy.

The Other Factors

While purchasing a tent go through the below-mentioned details and ask a professional about it if any confusion occurs:

  • Tent door
  • Tent pole
  • Material
  • Rainfly
  • Ventilation
  • Interior pockets etc.

These are all the crucial things which will contribute to enhance your camping experience. Don’t forget to ensure these before purchasing the ‘temporary home’ for your campsite.

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