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Goopy Melted Everything: Yes, there is something as “Too Much Cheese”!

Raise your hands if you’ve ever seen a burger or even veggie sticks slathered in layers of melted cheese. Doesn’t it seem like it’s just everywhere? You go on Facebook or Twitter and even Instagram and there is at least a 90{520d59f41ea1ef31869cb8ab35b57caa84152f52d06019beff7edf33f2425d5d} chance of coming across another one of those videos that show cheese being poured unto food.
It’s seriously starting to be ridiculous.
Too much cheese is not healthy
Cheese is delicious. We’re not going to lie about that part. However, most people aren’t aware that cheese is loaded with saturated fat and salt. If you constantly dose your food with whopping servings of cheese, you can end up with high cholesterol and high blood pressure.
Those two can combine and give you a higher chance of getting cardiovascular diseases. With a large number of Americans on the obese side of the scale, it is crucial that steps be taken to improve one’s health and not compound it with egregious amounts of cheese.
If you’re trying to eat healthy, it is important to keep in mind that 30g of the stuff is already 7{520d59f41ea1ef31869cb8ab35b57caa84152f52d06019beff7edf33f2425d5d} of your suggested calorie intake.
Too much cheese is expensive

It’s trend. The whole melted cheese thing is a food trend that is truly nonsensical. You can get a plate of meat and some sides of potatoes for around $15. That can be a hefty portion already. However, that Swiss Raclette ridiculousness can set back a restaurant owner around $17 for a square. So your $15 turns out to become somewhere around $30.
The price doubles simply because you add cheese to an otherwise good portion of food.
Food for thought
Don’t fall prey to the siren song of excessive cheese servings. It’s not good for you and it’s going to hurt your wallet pretty badly. We’re not saying its outright bad. However, there must be a balance and there are better options to choose from that won’t overload you with salt and saturated fat.
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