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Caffeine And Modafinil- An Interaction Of Two Stimulants

There is a fine line of gap between two things that are seemingly poles apart superficially, but in reality are closer to each other than anyone could ever imagine. There is a binding force that connects them together in such a manner that they are almost indispensable due to the roles they play in altering the lives of human beings.

Therefore, today we are going to discuss about two such products that have more or less the same effect on its consumers if taken regularly or in excess, but unfortunately, not many people pay attention to this aspect and by the time they realize it, it is too late as their lives spiral completely out of control.

The Sleep Drug

Modafinil is a prescription based drug that is consumed to fight insomnia and get a regular dose of sleep every night without any tension or worry. Initially, it acted as a remedy for narcolepsy, which led to uncontrollable sleep of such impact that one would not wake up even if a bomb exploded.

But once it became popular, it began to be used by people of diverse professions like teachers, doctors, pilots, politicians and military personnel, to name a few. The primary use for provigil (modafinil before it was rechristened) is to induce sleep but has adverse effects if taken in excess.

Coffee Drug

Caffeine is a drug primarily found in coffee which sets the mind at peace but regular consumers are found to be quite drowsy and addicted to it as though it were marijuana or joints.

The interaction between the two is such that they run the risk of causing maladies such as heart disorders, anxiety, epilepsy, recklessness, euphoria and many others. Therefore, regular users should consult doctors every now and then so as to avoid any catastrophic results.