BetUS Online Casino

BetUS Casino is a very hot new online casino property from Rival. It has a lot to offer the US-based online gamer including a large selection of slots, tables, and specialty games, all in a very US friendly environment. The downside is their aggressive sales and promotion practices.

Games, Games, Games

I play online casino games not as a passion but simply as a means to offer good quality and knowledgeable reviews of them. The current set of games offered by Rival casinos is, however, really great. On their slots, they forgo realism in favor of well-drawn cartoon graphics and they offer unusually engaging and complex side-games.

One that hooked me was titled A Switch in Time, which has a pleasant steampunk look and feels to it. Whilst spinning the reels a story develops of a nineteenth-century scientist who invents the time machine. His ingénue daughter or ward or whatever and her prospective beau and the scientist go off on time travel adventures, some of which may land in the past or in the future. If the past is the option, then the slot game switches its symbols to illustrations of some dinosaur era or another, and if it is the future, then the symbols become similarly futuristic. It is really a fun and engaging game, despite the fact that it is just a slot machine.

The others in the current brood of Rival games are similar, including a prizefighter game and a bank-robbing game.

BetUS Security

I have not had the opportunity to test the security myself, but I have, so far and with the notable exception discussed below, had no ill experience with it. They use credit cards for deposits and withdrawals and, as a result, have normal security measures in place whenever modern credit cards are used.

The majority of online casinos use neutral third parties to ensure that their random number generators are truly random, and I expect that BetUS does the same, but I have not taken the time to look into it.

BetUS Marketing Practices

This is what really torqued my lug nuts. Starting the morning of the day following my registration on BetUS Casino I started getting tons of telephone calls informing me of their bonuses and the benefits of funding my account NOW. One guy calling himself my account manager had the audacity to correct me when I failed to use their in-house lingo pertaining to something or another. And then I started getting calls from an associated sportsbook. I finally started telling them to delete my account, which, of course, they could not do, but they directed me to the nearly useless website where I could delete the account myself. I was under the impression that I had successfully deleted it, but I am still getting a barrage of calls and emails. They just do not stop. I have not encountered this quantity of obnoxious advertising from any one of the other casinos that I have registered on.

In Short

Rival games are great, and I recommend that you try them. Just do not register at BetUS Casino to do it! Their marketing practices are the very worst and they will not give up even after repeated requests to cease and desist. And if you are not satisfied with their service then you can also try judi online bola which is an equally good service and a perfect alternative to BetUS casino.