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Beach Themed Birthday Party for Preschoolers

No matter the time of the year, a beach themed party is perfect for a preschooler. Young children love things related to the beach and water. This guide will get you started planning all the details of a beach party for preschooler. Surprisingly, you can find some really cool party ideas at 


Set the theme early with the invitations. Beach and ocean themed birthday invitations are available online, or make your own invitations. Use construction paper create a beach ball. Handwrite information on the back of the beach balls, or print party information off the computer and glue on to the backs.


Hang green streamers hang the ceiling for seaweed. Make fish out of balloons by adding construction paper or streamer fins and tails. Eyes and other features can be drawn on with a permanent marker. Pictures of starfish, crabs, fish, sharks, seagulls and other beach creatures can be attached to the walls. Cover the table with a tan, sand colored table cloth and decorate with shells and sand pails. Colorful beach towels could also be used to cover the table.


Bake your own cake using a round pan and frost as a beach ball. Summer foods are perfect for a beach party and kid friendly. Serve hot dogs and hamburgers for a main meal. Chips, pretzels, cut-up veggies, fresh fruit, and dip make great summery sides or snacks. Serve lemonade or a fruity punch to quench thirst. Plastic cups with lids are available inexpensively. Using these will help with spills and provides a take-home favor.

Games and Activities

It is often difficult to organize young children for structured games. Instead provide themed play props, sit back, and let them enjoy. Set up a full length mirror and bucket with dress-up items. Include a snorkel, goggles, swim fins, mask, bathing suits, and towels. Set up a nature table with sea shells, sand, starfish, and other natural wonders for your preschoolers to explore. If the weather is right fill a kiddie pool or two for water play outside. A kiddie pool can also be filled with dry rice inside or outside for children to play in. Have a few beach balls blown up ready to be tossed. Bubbles, water balloons, and kite flying are other good outside activities for a beach party.


Instead of bags why not use sand pails to hold party favors. Personalize by writing each child’s name with a paint pen or permanent marker. Decorating the sand pails with themed stickers can be part of the party. A pack of paper beach balls from Magic Cabin can be split in to everyone’s favor bag. Fish bath squirters, small bubble containers, and small sea creatures make fun toys. Use sweet treats like Swedish Fish and or a bag of home made cookies made with themed cookie cutters. Check out Oriental Trading and local dollar for such themed items inexpensively.