A Tip for Surviving Valentines’ Day: Have a Horror Movie Marathon

I know these ideas sound rather macabre, but when you have suffered through many bad valentines’ days as I have, you’d watch “My Bloody Valentine” as much as I do on every valentine’s day, you too may share the same opinion – and I do not mean the badly made remake that was recently released, there are just some movies that do not need to be remade and this was one of them.

My reasons for despising this holiday have little to do with romance, but when you have been fired on or around the holiday, I have to believe my dislike for this day is understood. No candy and flowers for pleasing and thank you, it wouldn’t help anyway since I am allergic to both flowers and chocolate, and did I forget to mention perfume?

You can call me a grump or a cynic, but I cannot help but love horror movies and if this is what I enjoy on such a romantic holiday, then please do not look poorly on me because I would rather watch “Poltergeist” than go out for a romantic, candlelight dinner with a gorgeous stranger that I hardly know. This automatically makes me remember the movie, “When a Stranger Calls” the movie where a babysitter is left alone with the children, and unfortunately a stranger does end up calling and eventually calls the young girl back, chillingly saying these words, “the call is coming from inside the house.”; now how is that for creepy?

Of course, horror movies aren’t the only things that can keep your company on a lonely Valentines’ Day, but action thrillers can do just as fine. Just grab a bucket of popcorn and open 123movies on your browser and watch your favorite movie. A personal favorite of mine is the “Death Wish” movies – all five of them, the first being preferred to follow by Death Wish 2. There is just something so maliciously chivalrous about a man who is willing to hunt down the person or persons responsible for raping his daughter and murdering his wife. He took the law into his own hands when he felt the law wasn’t doing enough to catch these malicious predators. Now I am not saying I approve if vigilantism, but “Death Wish” is one of my favorite movies to watch on Valentines’ Day.

I’m sure anyone who reads this article now believes I am crazy, but just wait and see what my last two choices of movies to wrap about my marathon viewing are, then you can say anything you wish, just as long as you keep in mind that I am a mystery/horror writer, and I’m always looking for something to watch while I am writing. Last night I was watching “The Hitcher,” and let me confess to you, at first I hated it, and I even told a friend mine, whom I went to see the movie with that I was not going to buy it on DVD, and fortunately, I changed my mind. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that my favorite actor is in it, and that would be Sean Bean. He played Boromir in “The Lord of the Rings” and 006 in “Goldeneye” opposite Peirce Brosnan. In my opinion, this is a great movie to entertain yourself with on Valentines’ Day. I never thought I would watch this movie over and over again, so this would certainly make it to my top ten on my horror movie marathon list.

So what is number one you may ask, “The House of Wax,” and not the remake with Paris Hilton, this also ranks on my list of movies that should never have been remade, and as I recall, the critics felt the same way. There is just something so spooky about this movie, especially the part of the movie where Vincent Price’s character is sneaking around the apartment building where his next intended victim lives; the dark shadows and the disguise he wore over his face reminded me of the “Phantom of the Opera,” too bad that didn’t make it on my list; there were just too many to decide between, and Valentines’ Day only lasts for twenty-four hours.


It should come as no surprise to anyone who knows me, but I’m not so much in love with Valentines’ Day. Flowers wilt and chocolate gets stale, but if one thing stands to be true, you never grow weary of your favorite movies. Whether they are horror, mysteries, thrillers or action, there is nothing wrong with sitting back on the couch and watching a good movie, and if it happens to be a scary ghost story, be sure to leave the lights on, you wouldn’t want this to be your last Valentines’ Day, would you?