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Why you should take a bus to Melaka

When travelling from Kuala Lumpur to Melaka, also known as Malacca, you have an option of choosing the mode of transport. One of the more popular options among locals and tourists is travelling by bus to Melaka. It is quite affordable and it is also very convenient so whenever you choose to travel to Melaka, here is why you should choose to travel by bus;

  1. Booking is made easy – When making a booking by bus, you have the option of booking a ticket from one of the three main bus terminus; Terminal Bersepadu, Pudu Raya or Pudu Sentral. These are the main terminals in Kuala Lumpur where you can make your booking quickly and you can get more information about travel times and other arrangements. You can make your booking online by visiting any of the bus company’s websites. Once you log in, choose your trip (whether one way or return) then choose arrival city as Malacca.
  2. You then select the number of passengers travelling to Malacca, choose the date of travel and then select search. A list of options will then come up and you can choose your preferred trip. You can also select your preferred bus company. Once you do so, you can chose the ideal time of travel and the seat or seats you would like to book. Once you select the seats, enter your full details like your name and the type of ticket. For example, you need to select whether the seat is for an adult or child. Key in your payment details and once payment is processed, print out the confirmation page. Be sure to carry this printout with you when going to the bus terminus. It is important to note that not all companies have online booking and you might need to book in person.
  3. Bus options – There are several bus companies you can choose from which travel to Malacca like Transnasional, Delima, Nice executive coach, Konsortium, Jebat experess and Maju Express.
  4. Travelling schedule – You can travel to Melaka every day between 7am and 11pm. The buses travel in 30 minute schedules and you can expect to arrive in two hours if there are no incidences on the roads.


When choosing to travel to Melaka, using a bus is one of the most ideal travelling options today.