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The Best Camera to Capture Underwater Moments

In general, dSLRs offer amazing features and you can capture captivating photos regardless if you’re an expert photographer or otherwise. Of course not all dSLR cameras have what it takes to withstand the added difficulties of unterwasserkamera test, choose among dSLR models that have undergone an underwater camera test. The D810 features 38 megapixels, incredibly quick auto-focus and one of the best sensors available in the market. It’s already a quality camera in terms of regular photography but it also excels in underwater photography.

Nikon D810

By using the Tokina 10-17mm fish eye lens alongside a small 4 inch Zen glass dome port, you’ll be able to take an exceptionally sharp photo with outstanding quality. Photographers around the world also love the speed of Nikon D810’s auto-focus; they say it’s a big improvement from the Nikon D7000. Even when taking wide-angle photos, it won’t be out of focus. The 105mm VR lens extinguishes the need of hunting; even a small fish that happens to pass by at night time can be easily focused on. The Supermacro alongside the Subsee +10 or the Nauticam SMC was a breeze to use. All you have to basically do is flip, adjust the lens forward, focus and shoot; every little detail will be captured.

As for the vibrant colors of the sea creatures and the ocean itself, the D810 will be able to capture everything as long as the photographer is not shooting in great distances. If you keep your subjects just a few inches away or within arm’s length then there would be no problem with the color. With the Nikon D810, cropping I almost always mandatory. Imagine, with all the 36 megapixel images, 40 megapixel RAW files and maybe other JPEG 7360 pixels wide you have a ton of data in storage and most of which you won’t use.