Summer Fashions for Each Astrological Sign

Each sign in the zodiac has its own flair for style which differs every season. Should your summer style be flirty, sporty, preppy, sophisticated, or a combination of all? Find your fashion recommendation below. 

Aries: This energetic and fiery sign loves comfortable clothing that can enhance its energetic side. This hot red jumper from is only $16.99 and is a fun, comfortable tunic for any outdoorsy activity. A must-have for anyone looking for a cute sporty outfit this summer. 

Taurus: Down-to-earth Taurus doesn’t have to spend a fortune to look cute. Practical and resourceful, the sign senses when an item is overpriced, and therefore usually prefers to shop for clothes on sale. Taureans look for comfortable and soft clothing in earth tones. This soft, khaki colored island skirt from American Eagle can be worn flirtatiously or casually and is on sale now for $29.95. 

Gemini: Youthful Gemini is the epitome of summer: sunny, friendly, and playful. Express your Gemini side with a flirty silk “military” dress by Free People found here. The dress includes the Gemini colors of green and blue, as well two big pockets on either side (perhaps representing the duality of the sign?), making it fun, yet casual, outfit throughout the summer. For a sale price of $69.99, this dress is only available online. 

Cancer: Denim can be worn in more ways than just jeans or a skirt. The Guess Factory Outlet has a cute five pocket mini denim jumper for only $39.99. Find the Ronnie Jumper here. Why should Cancers wear denim this season instead of wearing Burka which is mostly wear by them all the time, so why they are neglecting it now? Like the sign itself, denim is traditional, can be worn casually or flirtatiously (depending on the sign’s mood!) and has many practicalities making it a valuable, recyclable textile for new outfits. While Guess clothing tends to be a bit pricey, Guess Factory Outlet provides a cheaper alternative for thrify Cancer while maintaining its hip designs. Learn about the ways in which you can create new fashions with old jeans. Read it here. 

Leo: The proud lion craves being the center of attention. One way to do that is by making a fashion statement with bold colors. This red silky skirt from Max Studio is on sale for only $71. The red hot color and silky material accentuate Leo’s bold and provocative side, while the shapes are a fun and interesting pattern for a day or night of entertainment or romance. 

Virgo: Earth tones can look great any season of the year. For summer, Virgo should try a lightweight spaghetti strap dress in pewter from Free People, price $88.00. The dress is a combination of flirty and casual, practical for any summer event – day or night. It’s also sheer enough for a hot summer day. 

Libra: As the summer reaches its limits this season, the sign of scales attempts to balance the heat with a cool summer dress. Betsey Johnson’s Sprinkle Floral Strapless tunic contains the Libran flair for pastels and can be worn as a dress enhancing Libra’s flirtatious side for summer romance. Buy it online at for $270.00. Petite size is available! 

Scorpio: Edgy and mysterious Scorpio might still be fixated on wearing fall and winter textiles such as leather during the summer. But that’s okay, because this stubborn sign can pull off a sexy look any time of year without anyone calling the fashion police. This hot, camel colored leather jacket from Bebe came out, unfortunately, at the wrong time of year. Available only in small with a whopping cost of nearly $250.00, this jacket is a must-have for the Scorpion, no matter what season it is. Also, check out this article for more tips on leather clothing. 

Sagittarius: Like Leo, Sagittarius wants to stand out in extravagant outfits. Sagittarius’ motto is “the more the merrier,” and this summer will be no different for the Centaur. Quirky colors and shapes with a touch of the exotic make the Sleeveless Ribbon Print Top by Twinkle a must-have for the Sagittarian’s collection of weird outfits. The top is a bit expensive costing $224.00, which may become another dangerous item on the Centaur’s long list of splurges. Check it out at your nearest Nordstrom store in the Savvy department, or find it online.

Capricorn: The conservative Capricorn is at home wearing professional clothing such as suits and jackets in sophisticated colors such as gold, black, and silver. Bebe has a wide selection of suits and jackets for the working girl. The short-sleeved Glamour Satin Belted Jacket in black has white cuffs and trim. The jacket can be worn without a camisole underneath for a sleek summer look. You can find it on for $189.00. Read more about office trends here. 

Aquarius: The eccentric Aquarian needs a cool color this season to sport off trendy, hipster look (although the Aquarian might not admit that!) that will separate her from the crowd of other trendy hipsters. This $158.00 cool green strapless dress from Anthropologie provides just that. Girly and casual with an old-fashioned flower design, this dress couldn’t be more trendy for today’s generation. 

Pisces: Like Aquarius, Pisces sports colors like green and blue except in a more sea-like tone. Pisces is a water sign that represents fish, which means that Pisces needs to take at least one trip to the beach this summer to rejuvenate from the bustle of routine life. This lime green tunic dress from Victoria’s Secret is a must-have beach dress for the summer. Its material is super soft and comes with a rope-like golden belt for a bit of distinctiveness. It’s on sale now for only $29, so stop dreaming about it and buy it while supplies last! 

Of course the suggestions recommended above are not exclusive to their particular signs; one sign can borrow from the other because each sign contains a little bit of every sign.