Real Estate

What Is Special In The Jadescape Condos For You

When we start looking for our new home it is ideal to have a prior planning and to know well our needs at the moment and in the near future.

But what are the determining factors that should influence the decision making when choosing the ideal house?


It is important to consider the communication routes, the means of transport and the route to frequent destinations; work, school, supermarkets, banks, hospitals, shopping centers, etc.

Why does it matter so much?

Because buying a JadeScape condo in a good area is a solid investment in the long term . The characteristics that make our investment solid have much to do with a good location and communication with the commercial areas.


Size Matters

Before choosing what type of house to buy, and depending on the budget, you have to consider the size factor. Keep in mind that the bigger the property, the higher its price.

The reality is that people look for the one that best suits our needs and the needs change over time.

Is the space you are looking for today the same as you will need in the future?

For example, a change of work, the arrival of children, etc., can be synonymous with moving, among other cases.


Condominiums both in house and apartment have a set of internal security ; cameras, guards and even in some cases, electric walls, this is a plus that will give us peace of mind. Many of these points are influential when choosing between a common project and a condominium.


The materials used define the construction; Tell what you see and what you do not see. There are different ceiling heights and thicknesses of floors and interior walls. Is the price per square meter proportional to the quality of the finishes?


Obtain relevant documents and information

The seller, his real estate broker or, in some cases, the syndicate of co-owners can provide you with the following documents and information:

The declaration of co-ownership of the building

The declaration of co-ownership is a notarial document which contains, among other things, the conditions of use and the description of common areas, private areas and areas used by certain co-owners (e.g. garages, parking spaces or storage spaces). It also provides the operating rules for the efficient management of the building.