Sony Game Fat Princess Stirring Fat Controversy

Fat Princess is the name of a new video game from Sony, which features a Fat Princess, of course. While at first glance, this game may seem like an ordinary, innocent game, which, in my own opinion, probably would not find a spot on Sony’s Greatest Hits roster. While the concept is rather interesting and the gameplay somewhat reliant on strategy and teamwork, the game itself appears to be something you might eventually find in the discount bin at video game retailers.

However, now that a few outraged feminist groups have found fault with Fat Princess, it is destined to gain a large foothold with consumers. You would think groups of any kind would know by now, controversy and protests bring heaps of attention to things that might have otherwise been ignored and forgotten.

In a nutshell, the feminist groups objection to Fat Princess is not necessarily the title of the game or that the game features a Fat Princess, but a tactic of the game. Opposing teams fight over a Fat Princess locked in a dungeon, and by continually feeding the Fat Princess cake, she rapidly gains weight, making it more difficult for the opposing team to capture her and drag her off to their base, thus winning the game.

I agree, the concept is somewhat warped, but you have to admire the creative concept that turns a simple capture-the-flag game into something completely and bizarrely new.

I have to disagree with the protests claiming the game is sexist. Is it somewhat prejudiced against overweight individuals? Perhaps. But the character could have just as easily been a Fat Prince, rather that a Fat Princess. Would male groups then be crying foul that the game is discriminatory towards men? I doubt it.

I also doubt that the concept of the game will translate to real life. You aren’t going to find roving hordes seeking women to force-feed for their own amusement, nor will the game increase insensitivity towards overweight women. Because, the unfortunate reality is simple. Many people, young and old, are already vastly insensitive, and a silly game about a Fat Princess isn’t suddenly going to install negative and derogatory thoughts into the heads of those who might have otherwise been sensitive to the plight of a “Fat Princess”.

Of course, such ideas can be traced back to the theory that violent video games and movies influence people to be violent. I’ve always disagreed with this ideal. After all, does watching a funny sitcom make an individual more funny? No. You are either funny or you aren’t. You either have violent tendencies or you don’t. Do we blame Superman or Peter Pan when a child jumps off a high area, thinking he can fly?

Of course, I am not insensitive myself. I fully understand why women and overweight individuals would be upset by the concept of Fat Princess. But seriously, aren’t there worthier targets and more worthwhile endeavors that these various feminist groups can focus on, in order to increase sensitivity and awareness of their cause. Fat Princess is a silly game, which probably would have been forgotten rather quickly. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it. But raising a fuss will only heighten awareness of the game, and now you’ll likely find Fat Princess flying off the shelves. Many verification websites are available at Internet for the gamers. A survey can be taken about the accuracy of the games verification. The 안전놀이is providing safety to the gamers.