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Review of Like Luggage Brand Products

We live in a time where we truly have the coolest teenagers on the planet and they don’t want to be seen traveling with mom or dad’s luggage. Like Luggage carries a line of luggage made just for teens. The luggage at Like Teens is cool, colorful fun and it is basically well – like teens.

The idea for the Like Luggage line came from a teenager who was frustrated with super boring luggage. After expressing her thoughts to her parents and motivating her family, a luggage line was born. Like Luggage is the creation of a teen with a vision that not all luggage would not be boring, especially for teens. She has truly accomplished her goal with the creation of fresh and funky colorful luggage that is far from boring.


Like Luggage offers the perfect pieces of luggage for the active teen. Like Luggage collection includes the Like Dots Mine Upright Rolling Carry-On Bag which is perfect for a short or extended trip. Available in a wide array of colors, polka dot to be exact, the bag is made of nylon, and has a convenient push-button handle for easy maneuvering. The in-line skate wheels make rolling the bag a piece of cake. The like Dots Mine Upright Rolling Carry-On as well as the other bags are available in the following color combinations of polka dot patterns; pink on black, yellow on orange, pink on green, pink on turquoise, yellow on pink, and yellow on turquoise. The bag normally retails for $149.00 however it is currently on sale for $99.00.

The Like Dots Mine Duffle Bag which normally retails for $60.00 is currently on sale for $21.99. This is the perfect bag for sleepovers, camp, weekend holiday vacations and many other uses. The bag is easily accessible with a dual zipper to compartment. There are also additional large end pockets ideal for storing tennis shoes and personal items.

The Like Dots Mine Laptop Carrier is really fly with its large main compartment, vibrant color combinations, and affordable sale price of $39.00. Pick any combination of colors to show off your style and personality.

The Like Dots Mine Accessory Case is perfect as a carry on to store personal items such as Ipods, CDs, CD Players and reading material. For a weekend at a friend’s house it is perfect for make up snacks and other personal items. Available in all color combinations the Like Dots Mine Accessory Case retails for $30.00 but is currently on sale for $22.99.

Then there is the Like Dots Mine Draw-String Backpack which is perfect for books or even storing shoes for a long trip. The bag retails for $10.00 but as a promotion it is given free to customers who make purchases over $25.00.

Get fresh, get fashionable and get Like Luggage to be the true teen Fashionista that you are. For more information on Like Luggage visit the Web site today.


Like Teens is the latest brand of luggage that has become a fashion statement and quickly turned into everyone’s favorite due to its lightweight and affordable prices, aside from the colors and features. But just to keep your essentials secure, it is better to carry along a airbaltic käsipagas so that the important papers and personal documents can be safe and always in your sight and therefore the chances of losing it is minimal.