Pixel Car Racer – A Complete Guide

Are you searching for the car racing game? If yes, then choose the option of pixel car racer mobile game, which is available for IOS and Android devices. The features of the game can seek the attention of everyone as the game offers over a hundred cars and over a thousand car parts. If you want to know more details regarding the game, then visit There are two modes, which are drag and street racing and we can choose anyone.

Role of dealership

Dealership plays an important role in the pixel car racer as it allows the players to check out the huge list of cars for purchasing purpose. When we have picked the car, then we will be ranked according to the convenience.

The cars are determined by four variables, which are weight, grip, power, and speed. The players are supposed to achieve the better ranking because the powerful ranking will lead to the greater distance. In case, the player hit the car with the low rating then he/she will lose the less speed.

The need of doing the engine swapping

If the players have a powerful and fast car, then there is no requirement of engine swapping because another engine is not required. On the other hand, if the players have a small car such as mini cooper, which is basically less powerful then, you are required to swap the engine.

With the help of engine swapping, the players are also able to improve the performance of cars. Thus, you should have the proper information about the cars and situations so that you can evaluate the need of engine swapping.

Moving further, the pixel car racer game is the fun loving game. While you are the child or an older person, the game will be the best ever a choice to kill the free time.