Movie Box App Is A Free App

Movie Box app is a streaming app that you can use the way you want it without any hassle and it is free without paying for anything for it. This means that you will not be asked to subscribe for anything for the entire time that you may have decided to watch the latest TV shows, favorite movies or original programs. Everything is done on demand and you can enjoy the entertainment unchained which is filled with the stories that you will not be able to have from any other place. You can get the recommendation of what you want to watch from friends or you can browse the handpicked library where you can spend less time to browse and even more time in watching.

Share what you watch

Movie Box app comes with a social feature option where you can watch, comment, like or share the information of what you want to watch.   Whenever you do anything, it will be added on your Facebook account until you turn this option off.

The history behind Movie Box app

Movie Box app is from Movie Box Company and it is online distributor for the original web shows, TV shows and Hollywood movies.  It was funded first in the year 2000 and it was called Grouper and afterwards, it was rebranded and called Movie Box. It is owned by Sony Pictures Entertainment.  The service is offered free but it has the commercials for the supported platforms.

Movie Box app is available on different platforms

Sony bought Grouper for 65 million dollars and it changed the company to Movie Box.  It is a multi platform video and entertainment studio and network. It features full length television shows and movies found from the library of Sony.  It also produces the original content found on the internet.  In the year 2011, Movie Box was available to be streamed on the Blu-Ray, Roku Boxes, Bravia TVs and PS3. The Movie Box app was also released in the same year and it was available for the Android and iOS systems.  Movie Box is working also with Xbox live. Or just Install it from here.

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