Included Benefits When Purchasing Use Cars At Drivetime

Opting for a buy here pay here in Fort Myers is a great idea; used cars can be as awesome as the brand new ones. Now that you have a specific place and financial plan in mind, all that’s left is to search for a company that sells used cars and not just any company but one with a good reputation. DriveTime would be the company that you want to deal with; they include numerous other benefits when you purchase a vehicle from them.

30 Day/1,500 Mile Limited Warranty

In case the vehicle you purchased from them present mechanical issues within the initial 30 days or 1,500 miles, whichever comes first, then DriveTime will fix your problems; take not that the first 30 days or 1,500 miles starts from the moment it’s sold to you and the papers are finalized. Though it might be a limited warranty, it can take your mind off of a lot of issues; remember, not all used cars sold by other companies come with warranties.

5 Day Return Guarantee

Let’s say that the purchase was successful and within the first five days or less, the vehicle just didn’t live up to all your expectation then you can simply return it. The vehicle can be returned for whatever reason as long as it’s within the first 5 days. Another option would be to trade it in for another car, one that fits your needs better. Take note that you’ll be charged for any excess miles or wear and tear.

AutoCheck History Report

All the vehicles available at DriveTime come with complete history reports from AutoCheck. The history report will be reviewed with the buyer before any payments can be made. These history reports are also available online in case the clients want to check beforehand.