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Important Guide in Properly Cleaning your Computer Set

When was the last time you cleaned your PC or laptop? Or is it that you have never heard of anything like cleaning your electronic device? In that case, you should know that cleaning the computer is essential in increasing its efficiency and prolonging its life.

How often you should clean your computer depends on the kind of environment that it is kept it. If the area around the computer is reasonably clean and free of dust then cleaning it once in five months would be sufficient. If the computer is being used by multiple users or in a dusty and dirty environment then cleaning it every three to four months should do the trick. Clean the surroundings as well, such as cleaning the dusty floor with a bosch staubsauger. The users’ personal habits as well decide how often you need to clean the computer. Smoking and having pets around the computer needs it to be cleaned every two months. It’s advisable to avoid food, drinks, smoking and pets around the computer.

After knowing how often to clean your computer you can follow several simple and easy steps to doing the job yourself. It would be a good idea to check out the manual since there is bound to be specific instructions about cleaning your computer.

There are different techniques to clean the outside and inside of the computer. Let’s begin with the outside.

A wet cloth or cotton dabbed in cleaning liquid can be used to wipe the externals. Use very little liquid on your computer since it could seep in and cause damage. It’s best to use a damp cloth since this will ensure the computer dries up faster. Cleaning liquids tend to leave a slightly moist finish, or residue which could attract dust. It is very important NOT to spray liquids directly on the computer!

Use ear buds to clean between the keys of your keyboard.

Also, be careful as to not unplug any wires and change settings on your computer by pressing keys and buttons by mistake. It’s best to clean your computer after shutting it down.

Here are the steps to clean the inside of your computer. This might be slightly tricky if you are not familiar with the different components. It would help knowing the parts of the computer so that the cleaning process is free of troubles and accidents. To clean the inside it is an absolute must to switch off all power supply and let the system cool.

Use a screw driver to open up the keyboard, mouse (not needed if it’s an optical mouse) and CPU.

A compressed air can or a special computer vacuum cleaner can be used to get rid of the dust on mother board. One should be very careful while following this procedure.

Vents, fans, crevices and wires can all be cleaned using a damp cloth. Be very careful as to not unplug or disconnect any connection while cleaning the internals.

Before screwing back all that you opened up, wait till everything you wiped with a damp cloth is completely dry.