How To Write A Break Up Letter

It is the easy way out, right? I mean, you get to take time to collect your thoughts and figure out what you want to say. There is really no easy way to break up with someone but it sure does lighten the blow if you shoot them an e-mail or Free Android Dating. If you grow the balls to do it face-to-face, then bravo. If you are like many others and don’t know how to confront the person or the issue, it’s time for a break up letter. Here are a few tips to get you started!

Outline: Boy, sounds like we are back in high school, eh? You really don’t want to start rambling without some sort of direction. Making an outline will make it easier to track your thoughts. I know, it sounds cheesy, bear with me. Here are a few things to put in your outline:

  1. Positive things about your partner (ex)
  2. Negative things about your partner (ex)
  3. Reasons you have for breaking up with partner. (ex)
  • Say Negative Things, Not Harsh Things: Most of the reasons we break up with people are due to some sort of negativity. It’s okay to express those negative feelings but do it in a harmless way.

  • No Finger Pointing: Don’t you want a clean break up? This will not happen if you start to point fingers or try to shift blame. No one wants to feel that being dumped is all their fault. Again, it’s hard enough that they are losing you.
  • False Hopes: Be sure to watch how you word your letter. You can easily lead your partner into thinking that there is a chance for the two of you to get back together. You don’t want to give them false hope. If you are thinking about giving them a second chance, then you are not writing a break up let

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