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French Drain System Must Be Included in Your Construction Plans

If you’re planning to construct your new home, you want it to have the best protection against environmental harmful agents. Just like in its basement, you want it to be free from underground wetness and humidity, to ensure its good condition as your house’ foundation. Thus, a French Drain system is something you must consider to be included in your planned construction project.

Why You Should Include French Drain in Your House Construction Plans?

French Drain is a drainage system which involves pumps and pipelines installed all around or inside your basement to keep water and humidity away from it.  This could help in ensuring your basement’s dryness, thus keeping it on its top condition for a long time.

This type of basement waterproofing method can be installed either externally or internally. External drainage involves digging of trenches around your basement where the pipelines would be placed, and is covered with concrete or other protectants. This could help in directing underground water away before it reaches your basement walls.

Internal drainage on the other hand involves pumps and pipelines built inside your basement, and has the objective of flushing away water that have made it into your basement. This could help in preventing water and humidity to accumulate in your basement.

Both types of such drainage system have pros and cons, and it would be best to ask your contractor about it. After which, it would be up to you to decide which one would you include in your house construction project.
The French Drain can provide good protection for your basement against water and humidity, thus keeping it dry and on its top condition. You can then be assured that your basement can support your house well, and you can even maximize its usage for some other purposes you might need.