CSGO- Smart Player’s Choice

CSGO is a very trendy shooting game that played my thousands of gamers. CSGO is the series of counter-strike. It was released on august 21, 2012. Even, bombs also play a significant role in the battle. You can kill the 2-3 opponents with a small bomb.  If you are finding the CSGO case opener then you need to use the key in the game.

NOVA (shotgun)

If we talk about the best gun then Nova holds a great place. Every gamer wants that he/she can easily kill the opponent in one shoot. However, it is quite impossible. NOVA (shotgun) is the best weapon from which you can easily shoot the opponent with one shoot. In addition to this, players need to spend about $1200 and it is made in Italy. Players get 8/32 magazine capacity, it has 243 shots which easily kill the enemies. Moving further, you need to pay only attention on the weapons because from these weapons you can win any battle.


Every shooting games has different kinds of weapons from which players kills its opponents. Well, if we talk about the CSGO then you will get machine, revolver and many more guns. However, the most important thing is reloading. There is a specific timing of reloading which only great players know. In addition to this, every gun have number of bullets and in the time of shooting it automatically get over. Most of the time, players are die while they are reloading their gun. Make sure, if someone is near you then do not reload your gun becucase if your opponents start firing then you cannot get time to shoot it again. Reload the weapon when you are alone or out of range. As like as there are many techniques those helps the players to kill their opponents with ease.