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CDX Plywood Flooring For Your Bathroom

If you want to build your new bathroom, or you want to reconstruct an old one, considering the materials you would use for the flooring is a critical factor to think about. Keep in mind that water and moisture would be present on it most of the time, thus choosing high quality water resisting materials would do best. This is exactly what makes CDX plywood flooring a good choice for your bathroom.

Quality Sub-flooring for Your Bathroom with CDX Plywood Flooring

You cannot just pick any flooring materials for your bathroom, or choose materials which you use for some other parts of the house. Most materials get deformed upon being soaked in water, thus you must carefully choose the best material for your bathroom sub-flooring.

For excellent material that you can use for such purpose, CDX plywood is one of the best choice. Albeit you cannot use it for the surface of your bathroom floor, CDX plywood flooring is best for sub-floor layers underneath your bathroom tiles. It has the capacity to resist water, and is durable enough to last for a longer time.

Unlike some other common types of plywood, the CDX doesn’t easily gets deformed or swell when soaked with water. You just have to choose the right thickness for it to support your bathroom perfectly. Pick CDX Plywood with ½ or ¾ thickness for best results. Additionally, you must accompany it with the right materials for the top layers before topping everything with tiles. This could surely provide you a strong flooring for your bathroom.

Purchase CDX plywood now, and have all the good things you can get from it!  Aside from being a good material for such purpose, CDX plywood flooring is also much affordable compared to some other materials. Have a durable and water-resistant flooring that would be perfect for your bathroom.