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4 Best Fortnite Tips

Fortnite is one of the most popular online games these days. You get something for every age group in this game. Right from intense action, strategies, animation, and dance moves made this game a big hit among the Millenials. Everyone is trying their luck in this game, however, not everyone can master this game. This is why there is Fortnite account for sale with most of the upgrades and character skins making this game much easier for newbies.

Besides this, players should keep working on their skills so that they can improve their winning rate in the game. In order to do so here are some of the best tips that you can follow.

  1. As you play the game and move your character around make sure that limit the amount of sound you make. Since other players can easily locate your position with the help of these sounds make sure that you do not move your character unnecessarily. This is vital during the end of the game where players are close to each other.
  2. As mentioned earlier sound sense plays a vital role as you play the game. In order to make sure that you can outdo other players, which is you should always play the game with headphones ON. This will help you in locating other players that are coming close to you. Moreover, you will be able to move your player more quickly like that.
  3. Paying attention to the game is how you can avoid getting hit by other players. The game is not about killing other players you need to survive till the end to win the game which is why playing passively is not a bad idea.
  4. The blue circle is what matters the most in the game. In order to make the most out of your game, you need to stay in the middle of the circle while facing other players. As you go outside the blue zone you lose health at a certain which also increases over time. This is why staying in the middle is the best idea to avoid the damage from the blue circle.
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How to Make a Slinky Coupon Organizer

One of the easiest ways to shave a few dollars off of our weekly food expense is by cutting coupons. Money-saving coupons can be found in the Sunday newspaper, online, in coupon packs that arrive in the mail and on the labels of the products themselves. The key to saving the most amount of money with coupons is by keeping them well organized and easily accessible. This article will show you how you can easily make a cute and fun coupon organizer with a plastic slinky and a few craft items easily found in stores. This slinky organizer can be made to look like either a cat or dog, depending on which furry friend is closest to your heart. My girls and I recently made an adorable dog slinky coupon organizer and not does it look very sweet on my kitchen counter holding my coupons, it was very fun to make.

Supplies Needed For A Slinky Coupon Organizer: Plastic slinky, Two and a half to three-inch size Styrofoam ball, pennies, glue, colorful striped sock, solid-colored sock, googly eyes, small pompom nose, colored felt, black wire, chenille stems

These are the basic material that you will need in order to create the best slinky coupon organizer. And in order to fill the coupon organizer with coupons, you have the best Sim deals with data that offer some of the best coupon deals that you can find online. 

Making Your Slinky Coupon Organizer: Use a knife to carefully cut a two and a half to three-inch Styrofoam ball in half. Hollow out the center of each half of the ball and fill both with a nice number of pennies to weigh it down. Use strong permanent glue to hold the pennies in place inside the Styrofoam balls. Use scissors to slit a brightly colored striped stock from the top of the sock to the toe enabling it to be laid out flat. Cut two five to six-inch circles from the sock. Stretch each sock circle around the Styrofoam half balls, making it as smooth as possible. Use glue to adhere the folded over edges to the flat side of the Styrofoam balls. Glue one ball to the front of the slinky for the head and the second ball to the end for the slinky animal’s tail. Use the googly eyes and black wire to make the dog or cat’s eyes and whiskers. Cut either dog or cat ears from the colored felt and attach to the top of the Styrofoam ball head. The colored pompom should be glued under the googly eyes to create the animal’s nose. To make the cat or dog’s tail, fold a chenille stem in half and then twist the halves together. Cut a strip from the second sock and roll the stem in the sock, using glue to secure it. The tail should then be glued to the Styrofoam ball at the end and curled to create a fun look. A second chenille stem should then be curled into two equal circles and then glued to the bottom of each Styrofoam ball to give the slinky dog or cat coupon organizer a secure base.

Spend a fun afternoon or evening with the kids making a slinky coupon organizer for yourself and one for a Grandparent or Aunt. They will surely appreciate a handmade animal slinky coupon organizer as much as you will.

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