Martin Modern Guocoland Encapsulates Worldwide Trends

The newest construction by an international giant, Martin Modern Guocoland is an example of several new trends in construction seen across the world.

Completely walkable 

Worldwide, modern buildings are turning away from having to rely on automobiles for transportation. A resurgence of pedestrian friendly zones is occurring internationally, while demand for them has begun to skyrocket. Martin Modern offers the opportunity to be able to walk to the surrounding cafes and restaurants, and enjoy the nightlife without reliance on a  vehicle.

Submersion in Nature 

When living in Martin Modern you will be at home in a  botanic garden. Instead of the separation of city and nature both are an indistinguishable mix. The lush greenery maintained by the building is readily available for your use. The feature represent a worldwide trend: cities are attempting to foster nature again and avoid the rugged industrialization that dominated much of the 20th century. Leading architects no longer see a need to distinguish between rural and urban. Martin modern exemplifies this well with 80% of the land purchased for the development will be used primarily for nature.

Timeless Design

The building’s style is not just a fad that will disappear in a few years. The building’s design will remain beautiful and appreciated for decades. This is in part because Martin Modern’s unique architecture is not exclusively part of one movement. The building is inspired by several different styles, among them what is know as the Ultramodern school. Metal and glass curves, combined with nature and wood, create a jaw-dropping design that will stand the test of time.

Unison of private and public 

In past decades buildings tried to shelter their inhabitants from the outside world. Cities were polluted, dangerous, and each apartment became an enclave to escape the outside world before going right back to work. The shared facilities at Martin Modern allow residents to appreciate the beauty that is modern Singapore. Breathtaking views of the city are combined with ample spaces to socialize.