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Best Video Games to Play During the Year’s Holidays

The holiday season is over and a new year has just begun. With a new year comes a whole year full of holidays. Usually holidays are time for mingling with friends, family, and loved ones. Rarely are video games played. If you want to bring video games into your holiday fun, presented are great ideas for video games to play during the year’s holidays.

Valentine’s Day – Assuming your loved one enjoys playing video games, a few hours of cooperative or competitive game play is a great way to share some romance. For hardcore gamers, the Halo series is a perfect cooperative experience. For more casual gamers, try Boom Blox. If competition is your aphrodisiac, the Super Smash Bros. series is a good fighting game for couples. The one series you should avoid on this holiday for lovers is Dead or Alive.

Memorial Day – Most people simply associate this holiday with sales, the start of summer vacations, and the opening of amusement parks and swimming pools. It is easy to forget that this patriotic holiday is the day to remember those who died in the armed forces. What better way to celebrate the armed forces than to play Call of Duty and relive the brave acts of soldiers past.


Independence Day – It is the 4th of July. Get off your butt, have a barbeque, and watch some fireworks. If you really feel the need to play a video game, then grab one of the Rock Band games. At least this will allow you to spend time with friends and somewhere in the extensive play list of songs you should be able to find something at least slightly patriotic.

Labor Day – Labor Day represents the day that summer is over and kids go back to school. It is a little twisted, but this is a great day to play Bully. After a few hours of playing Bully, the rest of the school year simply won’t seem so bad.

Halloween – In staying with the spirit of the holiday, no game series is scarier than Silent Hill. The second game is generally considered the best in the series, but the third game is probably the scariest. Pyramid Head is just a terrifying creature.

Thanksgiving – On this day of thanks it is traditional to eat a big turkey dinner and watch football on domino qiu qiu which nowadays not online provide the casino services but also has started with live broadcasting of sports matches especially the soccer leagues. If the Cowboys and the Lions aren’t your favorite teams, consider spicing up the holiday by playing one of the Madden games. Your family can sit around and watch any two teams they want. Heck, if you are any good at the game, they can actually watch the Lions win on Thanksgiving Day for a change.

Christmas – There is no better way for you to ensure a white Christmas than to throw a copy of SSX into your console. While snowboarding down beautiful mountains, you will be surrounded by snow and ice. Just watch out for avalanches.

New Year’s Eve – Few parties compare to a great New Year’s Eve party. Spice up the party with a little bit of dancing. Depending on your console, either Just Dance or Dance Central is the game for this night of frolicking.