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Benefits of Mirror coating in Shades

Cool shades are trendy now. Proper shades well matched with your dress and accessories give you a different look that will steal the limelight easily. Rather than the conventional sunglasses, mirror coatings are more popular now. There are many reasons behind this popularity. Let’s take a look to the mirror coating shades which are dominating the fashion market now. 

What is mirror coating? On the regular glass of the shades, a flash coating is applied which reflects the light and acts as mirror from the outside. The vibrant colors available in this type of shades enhance its acceptance to the mass, regardless to the age. The mirror coated shades are often tagged as perfect beachwear which complements your beach vibes. 

However, mirror coated shades are used extensively by people in the city. Not only the lustrous appearance, these shades incorporate various beneficial areas as well. If you don’t have such shades till now, here are some beneficial areas to make this essential in your accessory list. 

  • These shades often provide a solid UV protection which is why people love to wear this in the beach areas. The scorching heat that can burn your eyes can be resisted with the mirror coated shades which creates and soothing feeling for your eyes. Get your skin tanned, not eyes! 
  • As these shades don’t absorb the light, but reflects it, it is said that with the sunglasses, better vision is possible when the sun is bright on the sky. 
  • In terms of durability, it is found out that the mirror coating in the shades makes it more durable than the regular ones. Because, it is often worn by the sportspeople during the time of playing, it is manufactured as little more durable than the other fancy shades. 

So, when are you buying the cool shades to protect your eyes and give you sassy look?