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Put An End To Business Funding Challenges – Why Accounts Receivable Financing Via a Confidential Invoice Finance Strategy Works

When Canadian business owners and financial mangers want to put an end to business financing challenges they are prepared to consider all alternatives. One of the most popular these days is accounts receivable financing via a confidential invoice finance facility. It only does one things for your company – it accelerates cash flow!

This is a step in the right direction as increase in cash flow means an increase in sales through which business can flourish. Financial gains are anyhow the main purpose of any business but it is better to take rfp response management classes at regular intervals when matters concern finance.

One of the other reasons that this type of financing gains in popularity every day is that allows you to increase your cash flow and working capital without having to consider additional equity arrangements into your company. Even more important is the fact that many business people miss the fact that an A/R finance strategy is not ‘ debt ‘ – you are simply monetizing your current assets, i.e. the accounts receivable, into immediate cash.

The concept is exceptionally simple, where it gets complicated we find is that clients don’t really understand some of the terminology, costs, and benefits of this type of financing. As we said, it couldn’t be simpler – you generate sales, and, via your receivables, sell those invoices, gaining immediate cash flow. Clients tell us it certainly is not unusual these days to have their A/R run anywhere from 30-90 days from a viewpoint of when they can expect payment from their customer.

So imagine how your firm would do if you have really unlimited capital based on the sales you generate. You’re back to where you want to be, growing your company, not wondering how you will finance that growth!

Some of the day to day nuances of factoring need to be clarified to Canadian businesses who are considering invoice finance for the first time. One is the holdback. When you finance one or a number of invoices (and by the way, it’s your choice) you receive typically 80-90% of the invoice value the same day. The remaining balance is held as a holdback or reserve and remitted to you when your client pays.

If one issue typically concerns the Canadian business borrower who is considering and accounts receivable financing strategy it’s the cost of the financing. In Canada that cost, on an average, is typically in the 2% range. We hasten to add that sometimes it’s less, and sometimes it’s more. Factors that decide your final pricing are the general health of your business, the size of your monthly A/R, and the overall quality of the customer base.

Firms considering invoice finance are typically those that are growing too quickly and are unable to achieve traditional bank financing. Alternatively they may be working their way through some business challenges, such as an off year for financial results, etc,

One reason this method of business financing is growing so quickly in Canada is the fact that facilities can be set up very quickly, with less focus than the bank on issues such as rations, shareholder equity, personal guarantees, etc.

Is any one facility of this type better than the other? We sure think so, that’s why we constantly are recommending a confidential accounts receivable financing strategy.

This allows you to bill and collect your own receivables, finance which ones you want when you want, and has no involvement or notification to your clients. Unfortunately the majority of facilities offered in Canada don’t offer this type of financing

So consider speaking to a trusted, credible and experienced Canadian business financing advisor who can work with you to get you the optimal facility that works for you from a viewpoint of benefits and day to day ease of management.…

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An idea about how VPN works

The usage of VPN has increased nowadays. In order to use VPN at office, home or during commute, it would be better if you have a basic idea about what VPN is and how does it make your internet usage secure. Among the major VPNs torguard has great security with a decent speed and its prices are good as well. It not only provides a variety of subscription plans but the torguard coupons attract the customers to a great deal. 

What is VPN:

The acronym VPN implies Virtual Private Network which provides the users a private virtual network that allows them to connect to network in a safe and secure way. The prime concern of VPN is to keep your private information safe and secure. 

How does VPN work:

VPN helps routing your device’s internet connection through the chosen VPN server which is private. It does not route your connection through ISP (Internet Service Provider). Thus when the data is transmitted to internet, it comes directly from VPN instead of internet. The VPN helps you hide your identity and acts as a sort of intermediary. Henceforth even if your data is being intercepted, it will remain unreadable until final destination is reached. VPN creates a tunnel for your private data through encryption. 

What is encryption:

Encryption is a process which makes your data private while using VPN. It hides all the important and private information in such a way that it would look like a gibberish and can not be read without a password which is also known as the key. This key will eventually decode your data. Decryption process is also very important as it helps in making the encrypted data readable agaqin through the application of key. 

Thus VPN helps you in browsing the internet freely since your data is already in safe custody. There are lots of VPN services. It would be better to use a paid VPN service instead of using a free VPN since the latter might prove to be less reliable at times.

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Tree Removal Services- Make Your Job Easier

It is a dream come true to have your own house these days and nothing can give more pleasure than to feel at home, as it is purchased from your own hard earned money and that is saying something given the job market conditions in the current times.

If you’re a lover of nature, then its quite obvious that you would choose a secluded place to live where there is greenery all around, with trees of different hues and the garden full of plants and colorful flowers.

Trees are one of the most important parts of our lives as they give us oxygen to breathe and so it becomes the first duty of every human being to keep it safe from harm and not cut it for their own selfish motives, especially a palm tree.

Trees on Landscape

Having a tree in your garden or on a landscape where your house is located is quite a dangerous task for those who are ignorant about it. It should not be done by a person who has no prior experience regarding how to plant a tree as the shrub might result into a stump.

If you are wanting to remove it, then its best to call the removal services rather than doing it on your own as its indeed an upheaval task that only experts can handle and they do it with grace.

Reasons on why removers are better:

  • They are quite careful in their task and prevent any kind of damage to private property
  • They ensure our safety as they effectively follow the textbook method of removal and provide unique solutions for cleaning once the trees are uprooted
  • The experts have both knowledge and experience on how to complete their tasks in the shortest possible time
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Data Website Protection From Increasing Cyber Threat

When it comes to data security, people are completely at sea as despite their best efforts to secure data from hackers, the best laid plans of mice and men goes kaput within moments as the bad elements are always one step ahead and work out a way to breach the security features.

Computer software is a complex branch of study that cannot be understood by the common man so easily and they can only guess as to what is the solution to the problem of hackers.

You may argue that your own system is completely safe from penetration but that is nothing more than a delusion as the hackers first take their victims into confidence and proceed to strike when their prey is completely off guard by which time it becomes too late to repent.

Hacking Menace

Hacking is a word that can send shivers down the spine of even the best cyber experts who are specialists in data science and security measures as even one small mistake can have disastrous consequences and all customers’ data and information will be stolen at the drop of a hat.

Therefore, to be extra cautious, we have some very important points through which your website can be protected from hackers and they are as follows:

  1. Change your website into https as http has become obsolete and therefore your private data is in danger
  2. Install a web application firewall so that data transmission becomes much easier
  3. Upgrade your software at regular intervals from the process library so that hackers are kept at bay
  4. Install security software like sitelock, especially if the website is a source of income
  5. Never answer error messages
  6. Never permit strangers to read your files
  7. Refrain from uploading too many files in one go
  8. Always have a security backup
  9. Install the content security policy to stop cross site scripting
  10. Never open up dubious links that have money schemes

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GTA V for PS3 Console – Is It Still Worth It?

GTA V was released back in 2013 to a wide variety of platforms, like the PS4, PS3, Xbox, and it was also released for PC after its console release. Since GTA V was also released on a newer console (PS4) that is the successor of the previous gen console (PS3), it raises the question: is it worth purchasing it on an older console? 

In this article, we will discuss why the PS3 version of GTA V is worth buying even if you already have the PS4 version. On a side note, this article primarily discusses the PS3 version of GTA V, so if you are looking for information about gta 5 mod menu xbox 360, please refer to our other articles instead. Without further ado, let’s start:

PS3 have the ability to install mods

This is one of the advantages of the PS3 version of GTA V over the PS4 version. On PS4, people who want to install mods have a lot of strict things that must follow, or else they will lose their ability to play with mods. For example, they need to avoid upgrading the firmware of their PS4, and avoid playing GTA V online. The full list of restrictions can be found here in this article: Installing Mods For PS4 – Is It Possible?.

GTA V has a vast single player content

Even though the multiplayer aspect of GTA V for PS3 is no longer being updated, it still has a rich single player campaign that tells the story of three main characters with overarching stories. The offline mode contains about 40 – 50 hours of story missions and side missions, and even more so if you want to just explore whether on foot or on a vehicle on the vast city of Los Santos.

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4 Best Fortnite Tips

Fortnite is one of the most popular online games these days. You get something for every age group in this game. Right from intense action, strategies, animation, and dance moves made this game a big hit among the Millenials. Everyone is trying their luck in this game, however, not everyone can master this game. This is why there is Fortnite account for sale with most of the upgrades and character skins making this game much easier for newbies.

Besides this, players should keep working on their skills so that they can improve their winning rate in the game. In order to do so here are some of the best tips that you can follow.

  1. As you play the game and move your character around make sure that limit the amount of sound you make. Since other players can easily locate your position with the help of these sounds make sure that you do not move your character unnecessarily. This is vital during the end of the game where players are close to each other.
  2. As mentioned earlier sound sense plays a vital role as you play the game. In order to make sure that you can outdo other players, which is you should always play the game with headphones ON. This will help you in locating other players that are coming close to you. Moreover, you will be able to move your player more quickly like that.
  3. Paying attention to the game is how you can avoid getting hit by other players. The game is not about killing other players you need to survive till the end to win the game which is why playing passively is not a bad idea.
  4. The blue circle is what matters the most in the game. In order to make the most out of your game, you need to stay in the middle of the circle while facing other players. As you go outside the blue zone you lose health at a certain which also increases over time. This is why staying in the middle is the best idea to avoid the damage from the blue circle.
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Cooking Tips

Tips on How to Save Money on Food

After housing, food usually accounts for the biggest chunk of the family budget. Of course, if your family insists on generous portions of roast beef and rich desserts these days, your food costs will soar. Almost every family could practice a little control on food buying without a bit of sacrifice on nutrition, tastiness, and enjoyment of what they eat.

It isn’t easy, but you can do it if you want to and there are some general rules that can help. For example, plan your menus for the week, and shop according to that plan. In this way, you can mix cheaper meals among the more expensive ones, so that you don’t wind up at the end of the week or month on a steady diet of macaroni and cheese.

It’s easy to rush around a familiar supermarket filling the cart with the same things you always get, but you may be spending money you could save by checking on price differences between brands, making sure that the week’s specials are bargains for you, and by buying only what’s on your list.

Allergy test

Before you start the buying process make sure that you are familiar with your food allergies. If you are unsure of that and want to test that, you have the best food intolerance test in UK, that you can visit for reliable allergy tests. This way you can avoid food items that are not suitable for you saving you time and money ultimately.


Almost everybody has a stock of old wives’ tales and superstitions about food: here’s a crop of facts that can give you some help in stretching your food-buying dollar considerably further.


  • Mild cheeses are lower in price than sharp ones, which must be aged longer.
  • Most expensive least nutritional are processed cheeses, with fillers, in fancy jars.
  • Buy grating cheese in a chunk and grate it yourself; also grate any cheese that has become hard before being used up.
  • Slice it yourself; you pay extra for already sliced cheese.
  • To store for better keeping, wrap cheese in foil, waxed paper, or cloth dampened with vinegar.


  • Whipped butter is expensive; if you prefer it, whip it yourself in an electric mixer.
  • Salted butter is cheaper than unsalted.
  • Take only the amount of butter you need each time from the refrigerator; otherwise, part of it might go rancid.
  • Margarine has the same food value as butter, and is cheaper.
  • All margarine must meet federal standards for fat and Vitamin A content; therefore, the cheapest brand should be all right.
  • Even if you prefer butter for the table, use margarine for general cooking and baking; mixing part butter and part margarine for non-table use is still something of savings.


  • The grade is a government standard of quality; Grade AA is the best, but also the most expensive.
  • Use cheaper Grade A instead of Grade AA for frying and boiling; the difference in taste and texture is slight.
  • Use the cheapest Grade B for general cooking and baking; the quality is good, but thinner whites and runnier yolks make Grade B eggs spread more in frying or boiling.
  • Buy by size to save money too; medium and small eggs are usually better buys than large in late summer and fall, large ones are the better buy in spring.
  • White and brown shell eggs are of equal nutritional value; don’t pay extra for shell color.
  • Buy only from a refrigerated case, and never accept cracked eggs.


  • Buy both in the season for the best price
  • Buy both only in amounts you will use up quickly; pears, peaches, and avocados especially are best when fully ripe.
  • Smaller size fruit is often cheaper; it’s also a better buy for children.
  • It’s no savings to get vegetables cheaper because of some decay; a few extra pennies for products in good condition is a good investment.
  • Buy fruit and vegetables loose so that you can pick out your own, when possible; you’re more likely to get unspoiled ones.
  • Thin-skinned oranges give more juice than thick-skinned ones; green color is not a sign of being unripe, because oranges are dyed.


  • Sweetened cereals cost more; add sugar yourself and save.
  • It’s cheaper to buy several large boxes of different kinds than one package containing single portions of different varieties.
  • Cooked cereals are cheaper than ready-to-serve ones.
  • “Gifts” with box tops are no bargain; they cost the price of the cereal at least, and usually a bit more, but the gift is seldom of good quality.


  • Slices, chunks, and halves of fruits and vegetables are cheaper than whole ones.
  • Private brands of supermarket chains are usually cheaper, and of good quality.
  • The heavy syrup adds to the cost of canned fruit, it’s also sweeter and more fattening.
  • Don’t buy cans that show signs of leakage, or bulge at the ends; dents are harmless unless the metal has been pierced.

One-stop shopping in a supermarket is a great convenience for most of us – but a supermarket is a business, not a charity, and all those attractive displays-and even the arrangement of the store-are designed mainly to persuade you to spend more money. The sensible shopper enjoys the convenience, evaluates the specials on display, takes the opportunity to look at new products, and then is careful to buy only the things you need.…

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COD: Modern Warfare: The Game That Turned Me Into a Gamer

Among the throngs of teenagers and young college students I stand out as a 30 year old anachronism; an elderly relic of an 8 bit era whose time spent playing systems older than many of the gamers around nowadays is considered as nostalgic or lackluster and outdated depending on the generation you ask. Either way the days of Tetris and Pong have long since been left in the proverbial dust of high-speed processors, servers and high-definition graphics. My early days may have been spent honing my eye-hand coordination on games like Super Mario Bros. and Metroid, but by today’s standards playing those games made you no more of a gamer than playing Tony Hawk makes you a skateboarder. As trite and predictable as it is Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is what made me into a gamer.

My enthusiasm for this game came based on several factors, all of which were the result of tedious planning by professionals not only interested in generating a best-selling title but in creating a unique gaming experience. That was achieved by creating a first-person military-based shooter complete with multiple playing style variations, simultaneous multi-player action, load-out customization and a rich single-player experience. If you want to create a great game you would do well to follow the mold.

The first-person shooter began in the early 1990’s with Wolfenstein 3D and later revolutionized by Doom. This perspective puts the player inside the character and therefore immerses them into the game (as opposed to games which leave the player to control a character from a distant, external point of view). This format is ideal for shooters as it allows gamers to utilize their own view for precise, skill-based targeting of weapons and it engrosses the viewer by placing them in the immediate action. With this first person perspective you don’t play a game; you are in the game.

As anyone who has ever played one of the first or second generation first-person shooters can attest even this intense experience can get old. A good game will provide not only a unique environment with which to interact, but variations on gameplay to keep things fresh. Modern Warfare does exactly that. Though players spend most of their time dashing through the maps various weapons require the player to take control of weapons mounted on helicopters or high-altitude bombers. Through the use of laptops players are asked to maneuver missiles, remote-controlled recon drones and mounted machine guns as well as land-roving mini-tanks and laser guided rockets in order to gain strategic advantages over their opponents. Each weapon presents a unique firing and sighting experience as well as exclusive advantages and disadvantages. The abilities of certain weapons are heightened or worsened based on the other weapons, abilities and proficiencies you possess. Another distinctive exception to the experience is the severe difference in the way you are asked to play the game based on the various weather and atmospheric conditions of a given level. A player who is adept at using long-distance sniper rifles will find it difficult to use the weapon at night, in the rain or during a dust-storm while players with lighter, faster arms will find a tactical advantage when player in close-quarter situations.

The big draw for the Modern Warfare franchise is of course the multiplayer portion of the game. When logged in to the network of gamers online you gamers are pitted against each other in one of many different warfare options that range from kill everyone you see to secretly planting bombs on enemy bases. For options like Domination and Headquarters players are placed on teams (or form their own) and are required to work together in order to accomplish the capturing of enemy bases. With a simple headset you can communicate with other players and plan your attack. This experience is of course enhanced by your ability to customize your weapons (from grenade launchers to heartbeat sensors to various scopes for your weapons) and therefore customize each player’s role when planning your attack on the enemy.

With such vigorous, overwhelming multiplayer experience it comes as no surprise that the single-player storyline often flies under the radar when people speak of the game. That is a sad fact because the storyline takes the player around the world and requires the use of various skills in order to complete assignments. Wrought with cinematic displays and intriguing plot twists the games keep all viewers on the edge of their seats as they are constantly being asked to lead their platoons (or venture out on their own behind enemy lines) against growing hordes of intelligent enemies. The best part of the storyline however is the developer’s willingness to push the envelope. The Call of Duty series has become well known for containing a scene in each game that requires gamers to accept a warning (or skip that particular portion of the game) regarding the graphic nature of the content they are about to witness. It is this level of drama that has made the Modern Warfare series a record setter in all-time entertainment sales.

It is amazing to see where the gaming industry has come in the last 20 years. No longer are gaming systems a meager form of entertainment for 10 year olds to pass those cold winter afternoons. They have become a lifestyle and a form of leisure that has surpassed even the standards of being considered a hobby. Adults revolve their lives around their ability to play games, and it is games like the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare franchise that have set the bar for how games are to be developed. The features of the eSports controller by ConsoleBoost can be enjoyed through the players. The experience and rankings of the players will be boost up.

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How To Lose Weight The Smart Way- Counting Calories

I have struggled with my weight for as long as I can remember. I was never a “Fat” child and I wasn’t picked on for my weight, but I was always “Big-Boned” and somewhat self-conscious because I was bigger than most of my friends throughout childhood. It wasn’t until I reached high school that I decided I should take action and do something about my diet. I read a tip for dieting somewhere that said counting calories was one of the best ways to lose weight. If you write down what you eat, you are more aware of exactly what you are putting into your body each day- and this really does keep you from snacking on an extra piece of chocolate or grabbing a dollar cheeseburger while you’re out running errands. Here are some tips for how to lose weight the smart way- by counting calories:

Tip for Counting Calorie Diet #1- Make a chart that contains all 7 days of the week and leave room for your breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a snack. You can make this chart on paper, or in Microsoft Word or Excel, or even with an app on your phone such as my fitness pal. For my diet, I just made a table in word and added all of the appropriate fields. 

Tip for Counting Calorie Diet #2- Start a Weight Loss Diet Diary. I just recently did this and it has been great for me. Every day I write down a few thoughts about my diet, or my day in general- I write about the exercises I do, or how I feel, and every day I add the following: My Goal Calories/Day, My Calorie Intake for that day, My Morning Weight, My Night Weight, My Workout, and My Favorite Snack from that day. I like writing these things down every day because they help keep me focused and on the right path to lose weight. Just like the best weight loss clinic, it helps me become more motivated and it gives me more inspiration to really work hard and achieve my main goal – weight loss. 

Tip for Counting Calorie Diet #3- Write EVERYTHING down! The way that counting calories works as a weight loss diet is if you write everything down. This means everything that you eat- if you splurge and take one bite of chocolate cake, write that down too. Writing it down isn’t meant to make you feel guilty about what you eat- it’s supposed to help you keep track of how many calories you consumed so that you know how many calories you need to burn to lose weight. Writing things down also keeps you from indulging in bad snacks.

Tip for Counting Calorie Diet #4- Use a Calorie calculator to figure out how many calories your body should take in daily to maintain weight, and to lose weight. Calorie calculators take in factors like your height, weight, age, and activity level.

Tip for Counting Calorie Diet #5- Don’t starve yourself. A weight loss diet is just that- a diet- and it means cutting back and eating healthier to lose weight, but it doesn’t mean just not eating, or eating way less than your body needs daily. A common misperception is that in order to lose weight you have to cut back dramatically almost to the point of being famished but that just isn’t true. When you are counting calories you can honestly eat whatever you want-you just need to be smart about it. If you’re craving that dollar cheeseburger, then go get it- but just write it down and count it in your daily calories so that maybe you will eat a healthier snack later.

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Call of Duty 4 on Xbox 360: Review

With the semi-recent release of Halo 3, one might think it would be dominating Xbox Live. Not so. Before this game, many other games like the situs judi casino online have dominated the scene for ardent gamers who played it with much fun. 

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare took over the #1 spot on the weekly Xbox Live activity list, according to Larry Hyrb’s popular blog, The surge past Halo 3 isn’t a fluke. Many Xbox 360 owners would agree: if you haven’t bought the game yet, it undoubtedly deserves your $60.

The Call of Duty 4 developers decided to move away from the tired genre of World War II games and step in a modern setting. The result tuned out to be brilliant.

COD4’s single player campaign takes the player through destructed cities, abandoned buildings, open fields, and many other settings. Every detail is accounted for on these intricately constructed maps, and the graphics look superb all throughout the campaign mode. Explosions look fabulous, gunfire is as realistic as ever, and enemies and squadmates respond to their environment well. In nearly every chapter of the single player campaign, the player has at least one AI teammate fighting with him. Although the teammate NPCs aren’t killing machines, they’ll often help the player out with much needed cover fire or well-placed deadly shots. Ultimately, however, the player is forced to eliminate most of the enemies himself.

When played on some of the higher difficulty levels, Call of Duty can be frustratingly hard at times. Although it’s easy to breeze through some area of the level, most campaign sections have at least one major battle that leaves the player angry, trying to formulate a new strategy. Once beaten, however, these sections prove to be thoroughly rewarding.

The campaign storyline is intense and gripping, and each single player chapter has a cliffhanger ending, making it difficult to end your playing session and refrain from continuing to another level. A series of catastrophic events characterize the addicting storyline. Each plot twist increases the intensity even more. The storyline of Call of Duty 4 is truly one of the best gamers have seen in a first person shooter in a long time.

The one thing that slightly annoyed me about the campaign was the constant swapping of characters. In one chapter, you’ll be playing as one soldier in a certain city, then you’ll switch over to a different soldier in the very next level. This is present in every Call of Duty game so far, but it seems that once you get used to fighting as a certain soldier in a certain setting, you’re quickly whisked away to play as another character. It interrupts the flow of the game slightly, but overall it doesn’t hurt the game significantly.

Single player is fun for a while, but the real longevity of Call of Duty 4 comes in its ingenious multiplayer mode. Several gametypes are available to play, including “Free For All,” “Team Deathmatch”, “Domination” (similar to “territories” in Halo), “Search and Destroy” (like “assault” from Halo, but with no respawns), “Team Tactical” (3 vs. 3), and more. Although some gametypes are more fun to play than others, it’s worth it to give them all a try.

Multiplayer plays similar to single player, except obviously, the player is facing live opponents. Many of the 16 maps have the same setting as the single player campaign, and the surroundings are strikingly similar. To be honest, I personally only like a few of the maps, as most of them become monotonous to play. Several maps, including the notorious “Wetwork” and “The Bloc” maps, are very often vetoed by players attempting to avoid playing them. However, new maps from Infinity Ward are likely on the way to Xbox Live users.

The leveling system of Call of Duty 4’s multiplayer mode is also superb. In order to “level up,” a player must gain points. Points can be achieved by completing challenges, winning games, or simply killing opponents. Once certain levels are reached, guns, new challenges, and more, are unlocked. When a good amount of time is devoted to playing COD4, it becomes rather easy to level up. Although the levels stop at 55, “prestige mode” allows the level ranking fun continue. When activated, “prestige mode” starts the player over at level 1. In return, gamers receive a shiny new symbol next to their name.

Call of Duty 4’s multiplayer mode has an excellent user base, which will allow it to remain as one of the most active Xbox Live games for months to come. If patches and new maps come soon, it will only improve on what it already is: one of the best Xbox 360 mutliplayer and single player games to date.

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