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Archery Facts that Will Certainly Interest You

Archery is known to be quite the technical sport; all the training that athletes undergo just to accurately aim and hit the bull’s eye can be quite gruelling. Competitions involving the best athletes are nail-biting events; just a hair out of line will cost the athlete points, crucial points that can tip the scales in favour of the competition. A lot of technique goes into shooting a bull’s eye, much like when you play for link 188bet. Archery is also rich in history and facts, some that may blow your mind.

Recurve Bows

Many of you might have seen recurve bows in action during the Olympic Games or even up close. Recurve bows seem like incredibly hi-tech bows at first glance but in reality it implements certain archery designs that were dated way back around three thousand and five hundred years.

The Original Archery Guide

Roger Ascham wrote the first ever book about archery and its sports, the book was called Toxophilus and written some time in 1545. The term Toxophilus was created by Roger from two Greek words which mean ‘lover of bow’; the science of archery is called Toxophily.

Robin Hood

Aside from the hero in the fables, it’s no surprise that the world of archery also uses the term ‘Robin Hood.’ When an arrow hits another dead centre and that arrow splits into two or the second arrow is lodged inside of it then we call that a Robin Hood.

Olympic Archery

During the 1900 Olympic Games, pigeons were used as targets in the archery segments. Whenever archers focus on their designated target at 90 meters away, the target is that size of a thumbtack held at arm’s length. Other sports like swimming, cycling and gymnastics have numerous categories but archery only has one.