Try Out Mods for RimWorld

Whatever game you may be playing, no matter how exciting it can be, there will be a time when you feel a little bored doing the same task multiple times a day. If you’re playing a survival or simulation game, then you can’t get out of having to constantly gather resources or go on specific missions more than once just to help the colony survive. Mods RimWorld can help spice up and add to the whole experience of the game; different mods have different features so go ahead and try out a couple.

Medieval Times

The main features of the Medieval Times mod are the maps included in it, you’ll be able to enjoy 3 brand new settlements after installing this mod; 1 warband and 2 societies but all of them have a medieval theme. What’s the main difference, well societies can be compared to outlander towns while warbands are a lot like raiders if you take into account their overall functionality. This mod, as you might have noticed from the name, concentrates on the medieval times; the theme encompasses the surroundings, equipment and buildings. Of course there are some additions that don’t quite have the medieval feel to them like the ‘Charge 10 MG.’

Make sure that the mod is enabled by going to the main menu, opening the mods section and green check the Medieval Times mod. Take note that the majority of mods, including this one, if outright removed even after saving them with an enabled mode will leave the saved version of the game ‘broken.’ In order to avoid this, the developers recommend a brand new save whenever you’re trying out other mods or adjusting the mod line-up. As for the existing content like faction or guns, don’t worry because the Medieval Times Mode doesn’t remove them but just simply expands the game.