Clash Of Clans: A Deeper Look Into The Gameplay

One of the primary factors in the game which would either make it or break it would most definitely have to be its Gameplay. Having said that, the gameplay of a game consists of a lot of factors, including primary objectives for the game, the number of players, elements of the interface, and many more. In order to tweak this gameplay people make use of clash of clans hack apk download deutsch, and other hacking tools in order for them to advance. What exactly is the gist of this game? Let’s find out below.

Community: An Overview

One of the primary aims of the game is to build a community, and this includes training troops for defense of it against foes, as well as in order to effectively attack other communities, called clans to acquire gold, dark elixir, and elixir which are used to establish and strengthen defenses. Aside from this, both elixir and dark elixir could also be used in order to both upgrade and train the spells and troops. A pseudo-single player campaign could also be utilized, where the player could attack villages on its own. The game has 2 default builders, and could install more with the use of gems, which are important to level-up any building. If builders are doing work as of the moment, then they would either wait until they are finished, or make use of a gem to free them up.


Certain Town Halls make use of different elixirs in order for them to be upgraded. Different buildings also have different purposes, with some of these being defensive buildings, and some being offensive ones. Certain elixirs are also made to upgrade and fuel only certain buildings. Lastly, buildings could be further protected with the use of walls which could be upgraded upon increase in level of your town hall level.