Get To Know More About Exciting Pokemon Platinum ROM

The Pokemon Platinum ROM is a total make-over of the Pokemon Platinum standard version, but is loaded with tons of cool features exclusive in it. You can check it out at, and download it for installation in your platform. Whether you’re using PC or GBA, there’s a ROM file that would be perfect for you.

Have an Exciting Gaming Experience with Pokemon Platinum ROM

The Pokemon Platinum has lots of awesome features you would love, and could maximize the thrill you can have while gaming. It has an improved interface and graphic designs, thus making the Pokemons look more awesome in appearance. It also features the settings in the world of ZHERY which is bigger than the gaming world in the standard version. A list of unique trainers and Pokemons that you cannot find in the standard game is also included, plus a more exciting gameplay is incorporated to prevent boredom from devouring you up.

The main difference of Pokemon Platinum ROM’s gameplay is its focus on the improvement and advancement of players, rather than simply collecting various items. This makes the game more exciting, and better battles can be experienced as you go through.

Additionally, you can also opt to play the game with a team of 20 players. This feature would be perfect for beginners, especially that players can interact with each other. You have the opportunity to help your teammates, or you can ask for their help if you need.

All you have to do is to go to, and download the right ROM file for your device. After extracting the zip file, run the emulator and load the ROM file in it. After confirming the secret key, you can instantly start playing as much as you want! No lag time and no interruption; just pure excitement with a cool game can be experienced!