What Makes Messaging Apps Better Than Traditional Sms?

Although traditional SMS still has an edge over new messaging applications, it’s undeniable that this almost obsolete way of communicating is losing its following at a steady rate. Its most notable advantage is the fact that it is able to send messages across all networks, regardless of the mobile application used. Just like e-mails, SMS can cross platforms and service providers.

But why then, are customers preferring Internet-based messaging? Why are people these days asking for stuff like kik usernames instead of actual phone numbers?

There are several explanations for this. One is that people don’t really mind installing numerous applications on their mobile phones. With ample storage capacity and the ability to switch messaging apps through simple swipes, it’s really not a big issue for most people. Though it might cause some sort of unease for people who want their phones to look neat and organized. A flood of notifications coming from different applications is never something appealing to look at.

Another quite obvious advantage of Internet-based messaging apps is the capability to use advanced emoticons. SMS is capable of the most basic (read: boring) smiley faces but can never really provide the versatility of the new generation of emoticons. Case in point, how could one send a crying emoticon using base alphanumeric characters? Sometimes a sad face just won’t cut it. To prove this point further: you can’t do a roll-eye using SMS.

It’s also undeniable that messaging apps have the upper hand when it comes to integration with other mobile applications outside the context of messaging. SMS doesn’t have the advanced capabilities of dedicated messaging apps like spontaneously sending pictures by tapping a camera button within the application itself.

However, it goes without saying that SMS is still here to stay. It has its use, especially when it comes to communicating with other people who refuse to download certain messaging apps.

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