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10 Computer-Animated Movies For Children

Parent’s of children typically seem to watch more children movies then anything else. My children seem to love computer-animated movies more then regular cartoons. Here’s a compiled list of some of the top computer-animated movies out there right now that are great for children of all ages. In no particular order:

1. Dinosaur – This is a Walt Disney movie that I don’t really hear to much about. Children love this though. I know my three year old is currently going though a “dinosaur stage” and loves anything that has to do with them. It’s about a Dinosaur, named Aladar, who was raised by a family of lemurs. After just narrowly escaping a falling meteor which destroys their home, Aladar finally meets his own kind as he and his family try to find a new home.

2. Toy Story 1 and 2 – Very popular movies about a little boy’s beloved toys. In the first movie, Woody and Buzz are rivals for Andy’s (their owner) affection. They eventually have to work together when they become lost. Through this they become friends and learn how to coexist with each other and share their owner’s attention. In the second movie Woody is stolen by a toy collector while Andy is at a summer camp. Buzz, including some of the other toys find themselves on an adventure to rescue him before Andy comes back home. Great movies!


3. Over the Hedge – This is a movie about a racoon, named RJ, who finds himself in a bit of trouble. He owes a bear a large amount of food. He gets some foragers into helping him collect the food he needs from a local housing edition. An exciting, if dangerous, adventure. RJ comes to realize that friendship with his forager friends becomes much more important then the carefree life he’s use to living.

4. Barnyard – A movie about a cow and all his barnyard friends. Having lost his father, he now finds himself the leader of the barnyard. Through trial and error he realizes there’s a lot more to being a leader then just being able to do whatever you want. Lots of great music in this movie and very catchy. Children of all ages can enjoy this one.

5. Shrek 1 and 2 – Though sometimes a little crude these movies are loved by children. In Shrek 1, Shrek, an ogre, is forced to rescue a princess. In return he will get his swamp and solitude back. In this adventure he falls in love with the princess who turns out to be an ogre too. In Shrek 2 the princess and Shrek go off to meet her parents. The fairy godmother tries to break them up but ultimately fails. Both Shrek 1 and 2 have a lot of hidden adult humor. Both your children and you will find these movies entertaining.

6. Ice Age 1 and 2 – In the first movie three unlikely hero’s find themselves on a mission to return a human baby back to it’s people. Manny, a wooly mammoth; Sid, a sloth; Diego, a saber-toothed tiger. They learn how to work together to get their mission done. In the second movie the same character’s find themselves on another adventure, to escape a flood. Through this adventure Manny meets another mammoth and is relieved to find he is not the last of his kind. However, the other mammoth thinks she’s a possum. Very cute and funny movies. Your children will love them and so will you.

7. A Bug’s Life – This movie is about an ant who brings “warrior bugs” to his colony in order to fight the dreaded grasshoppers. Soon after he finds out they aren’t warrior bugs but circus insects. They try to scare off the grasshoppers by making a fake bird but ultimately fail. They then realize their sheer numbers alone are enough to scare them off if only they stick up for themselves.

8. Ant Bully – Another movie about ants. A boy who usually bullies ants finds himself shrunk down to ant size. He must learn how to become an ant if he’s ever allowed to go home again. He learns the meaning of teamwork. Children seem to really love bug and animal movies and this one is no exception.

9. Little Nemo – A movie about a father who crosses the ocean to find his son, Nemo. He meets many unlikely friends along the way. A classic among computer-animated movies. Beautiful bright color’s that are sure to catch your children’s eyes.

10. Monster’s Inc – A cute movie about the monster’s in our closets. A child manages to get into the monster world. Sully and Mike are forced to try to get her back to her own world before she’s discovered. A very warm and colorful movie.

In conclusion, these movies are designed to arouse the curiosity of children and start taking it seriously due to the booming IT sector that is prevailing since the 90s and is at its peak form in the current decade. The movies have proven to be quite popular and its techniques are enjoyable enough to cater to both masses and classes with cyberflix tv showing them every now and then due to their high demand.